Monday, May 14, 2012

Hot cup of what.

Needless to say, when I tried logging into my Blogspot and my fourth attempt at typing in my universal password failed.. I had a mini panic attack. I guess that shows just how long it's been. September 2011, if you want to get tricky.

Let me give you the very watered down version of my current existence.
I am 20 in August.
I have black hair and straight bangs.  *
I live in the glorious state of Idaho.  **
I am a Pinning addict.  ***
I watch Celebrity Apprentice religiously every Sunday.

* - For this first asterisk, I was going to go a bit more into detail about my hair. But after writing about a paragraph about it I thought to myself.. "No one really cares about your luscious black locks....." Moving along.
** - When I say the sentence.. "I live in Idaho," Chances are that you instantly picture me living on a farm with goats and chickens running a-muck while I complain about the new season's new allergies. If you were thinking this.. Then you were right. Kind of. That's only a half truth. There are, indeed, goats and chickens.. But they are very polite and regal and spend there leisure time in a gated pen or lovely coop.
*** - I do love Pinterest. I love it quite a bit. If you are not Pin Savvy, the idea behind Pinterest is for people to find things they like/want to do.. and organize them into categories/boards. I use it just about every day.. But I don't actually Pin very many things because I am afraid other people will like what I like and my unique finding will stop being so cool. I guess in other words.. I am what you would call a Selfish Pinnuh.

I seem to have a Lot of free time these days.. To fill up my free time.. I have been spending it wisely by dedicating myself to becoming a Mirfanda. Basically this means I am a fan of Miranda. Let me give you a taste of all that is great concerning my latest Youtube sensation obsession. Although Sexy and I Know It makes me want to pull my hair out.. Her version seems to calm my nerves.

I know this blog hasn't had extremely specific tales as per usual but they will come next time, No fear.
K it's like 2 and I'm tired k Bye