Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Smile for the Carpet - Magic Steps - Blind Mice.

"Party tonight Pitch @ leas $3 fro food 2633s3560w street acros prkway park tat goes in2 nayborhood then turn L go straight till the T intersctn, house on corner"
--That, my good friends, is an actual text message that I received last Friday night. I didn't even realize that people my age still talked like that!
But I must admit that I went through an illiterate phase during junior high.. and I am not proud of it. The other day, I found a few old notes that were passed between me and a boy from 8th or 9th grade. My eyes were immediately drawn to the silly loopy penmanship and all of my "khehe"s and "jkjk lol lol"s.. it just kind of made me feel embarrassed.
- Did we all used to do that??

Haha, I bet the titles of all my blogs make them seem like they'll be more interesting than they truly are.

Greeeat Gatsby, this is the first week of school!!
Picture day was Today.
I made a quick stop in the bathroom to make sure everything was looking decently normal, and headed into the auditorium. (Which, by the way, was like 90 degrees.)
Ever since my cousin Alex took her Granger Senior picture for the yearbook, I've been excited to take one of my own. But as I headed onto the stage, I couldn't help but feel somewhat letdown once I realized it wasn't as special as I had imagined. I approached the Dresser lady as she held out that terrible blue shawl thing that we all have to wear. I've always thought it looked so classy in the pictures. But now that it was my turn, I took a quick overall observation of the shawl and was instantly reminded of a dusty clothy blue carpet.
- We can't have it all, huh?
So then it was my turn to be picturified and I point to the upright rectangle box seat and ask, "Just here?" ..and the photographer says, "Yep, just sit right there, Beautiful."
Pardon me for being curious and/or suspicious about every little detail in life, but do you think that he calls every girl Beautiful before they are photographed as a pre-picture confidence booster?

I've noticed that whenever someone starts cracking their knuckles in class, someone nearby that person begins to do the same. And I, Janessa M. Dapp, am guilty of following the crowd. Ooohwee, It's Contagious! (Wiggles fingers in excitement.)

Ok, this next part may get slightly confusing..
But I really want to tell you about something that I am very very excited about:)
Every person has their very own scent. No one in the world has the same one as them. (Some more pleasant than others.) Personal Identity Specific Smells. PISS. (haha. I'm sorry. The immaturity will stop Now.) AS I WAS SAYING...
When a girl and a boy get married and move into a new place of their own.. an entirely New smell is developed! (Does excited little jig) And then that smell is just a unique as the two scents were before they were combined. For that sole reason, I can't wait to get married so that I can earn myself an exciting new scent. -And for Pete Sakes, I know it's near impossible to smell your own smell, but I'm determined about being able to smell my new scent. Determined.

This weekend, I stayed with my sister and her husband up in Ogden. I went there on the Front Runner train. It's a UTA kind of thing. After like 8 minutes of searching for the silly ticket machine around the Stop, I entered the train. The first thing that I noticed was that to the right of the door that I entered, there was a small flight of stairs. You know what, my good friends? Stairs mean one thing. There's something more magical than your current "1st floor" standings... just a few steps away. So of course I traverse up them and what do I find? Another Flight:) By now I was chuckling alone to myself at the unexpected fact that that many stairs all fit into that little train. I felt like a loser, mind you.
-- That Sunday, I went to this guy's Farewell with Tim and Jenelle.
There is a guy in Tim's mom's ward that is blind. But apparently he is a big hoot. They told me about how whenever he's talking to a girl, he has this routine with his friends where one of them will interrupt the blind guy's conversation with a girl. Once he has acknowledged that his friend is there, he asks him, "What time is that thing on Tuesday?" (Just for a cover up.) And according to however cute the girl is, his friend will say a time. For example, if the girl was extremely fair, the friend would say, "Oh.. It's at 11." But if she wasn't as attractive, he'd say, "1 o'clock..." and at that point, the blind guy would either stay hanging around or detach. HAHA. How sad, but Terribly Terribly funny.

Ohh yeaahh.
I can't get enough of Regina Spektor.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dancing Betches, Spinach Teeth, & So Long, Farewell.

"We are the he-man woman haters, we feed girls to alligators!" Little Rascals is probably the cutest movie ever. I watched it not too long ago and it really brought me back to my childhood days. I never really remembered all of the cast members being so tiny.

Lets Catch Up a Little, Shall We?
After drill team practice the other day, I had to wait in a ridiculously long line to put in my school registration receipts. Now picture me this, I had just completed a 4 hour Dancing session, I looked like sod, and morely felt like sod. The idea of standing around in a line for 3 hours was definitely not beating my urge to drive home and snore for a bit.
*hours later* I did it, yaayyyy....

Friday through Saturday, I attended a dance camp near the Gateway. My favorite part of that whole thing was the HipHop teacher. He was slightly feminine.. he had kind of a quick, high pitched voice.. he was.. OK. I'll just say it. He was probably thee Gayest person I've met in the entirety of my life. He had an asymetrical haircut, tight white pants, and consistently referred to us as "Betches." hahah.

Not too long ago, my friend, Richard Yorgason, got into a bit of a car accident. A dog ran in front of a car 2 cars ahead of him and everyone just kinda ran into eachother. (At least that's what I think happened?...)
Almost a year ago, Me and 2 friends were driving on the freeway when the car in front of us stopped suddenly. The driver of the car that I was in wasn't able to stop soon enough. Months later, I am still very paranoid and anxious about following people too closely. I'm terrified of running into someone from behind. My friends probably find it annoying that I'm constantly yelling absurdities when we approach a car at a stoplight at higher speeds than I'd feel comfortable with.
But anyway!
As we (Jon, Me, Richard, Tori, Cody and LJ) drove up to Fountain Green for an all-day-day-date yesterday, Richard randomly pushed hard on his brakes. Everyone in the car was kind of like, "Why The Sod?" But I understood. The car in front of him's brake lights popped on and it made Richard think he was getting dangerously close, so the natural human nature in a situation like this would be to brake your car as well. Ahh, Paranoia. Accidents'll do that to ya!

Why is it that no one ever says anything when there's something stuck between your teeth? Then you get to go home and find out about it yourself in the mirror and immediately wonder, "How long has that been in there? How many people saw?!" I guess that I myself have been the stander-byer in a scenario like that.. I notice it while they are talking, but sometimes it honestly just never occurs to me that I should tell them about the green bit of spinach lodged between their chompers.

Yesterday, on our all-day-day-date that I mentioned earlier in this post, we had some wild adventures. We arrived around 5pm and quickly realized we didn't bring the keys to the shed-house-thing where the horse riding saddles were. BOOO. So we left that at that and took a ride on the 4 wheelers instead. Man, I love the feeling after a good 4wheel ride when you clench your teeth down and can taste dust in your mouth. Not:) Mine, Tori's and LJ's hair was covered with so much dirt that we could hardly run our fingers through it without hitting bad tangles.
Not too long after, We were back at the ranch place and went out to see the horses. (Horses? Horse? Horsies? haha) Well, the saddles weren't available... but that wasn't about to stop the boys from riding, and that. was. that.
Jon: "Jane, it's your turn."
Me: "Bare back? I don't think so."
Jon: "AtLeast come walk around the arena with me and the horse."
(Leads me to a fence with horizontal bars.)
Jon: "Just climb up those and jump on the horse!" (points to bars)
----Now at this point while with Jon, one just knows that they WILL be doing whatever it was that Jon wanted them to do. Once he gets you into a certain place in a situation, it's just impossible to turn him down. The same thing happened while at the lake the other week. I found myself on top of a cliff with him encouraging me to jump. He's got a gift, I'm tellin ya.
So I get on the Big Beast of an animal bare-back and tense up. It was scary, but really fun. I'm glad I had the experience. Thanks Jonny:)
... and after Thaaat, we took the 4 wheelers up this great long canyon. That was a good ride up! We all met at this small pond thing and just hiked the rest of the hill up until we reached the top. We layed on the ground and just... listened. Everything up there was in perfect silence. It was simply Peaceful. Since we were out in the open and away from city lights and all other durn, the stars were shining SO bright. There were so many of them! Back in West Valley, many of them aren't so visible. It was amazing.

...Last night had great significance to me. It was the last night that I'd spend with Jon before he would be off for college. I had a hard time closing my front door on him after saying goodnight. It's gonna be a little different without him around me everyday, but this separation'll be over soon enough. I hope. I'm trying not to get too concerned about it. I miss him already.
Oh, September 11th, I look forward to meeting you.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hello, My name is Mormona.

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.

-Saturday night.
It was nearly 12:30 and my ears were unnaturally warm. I unbuckled my seat belt a few houses before we had actually reached mine. I wasn't planning to stay and chat once we were in my driveway. I walked into my house and locked the door behind me. The more I thought about what I had witnessed over the course of the day, the worse I felt about myself.

(Grumble) I'm pretty disappointed in myself for last night. No, no. It's not how it sounds. (haha) I just participated in some things with some old friends that I normally wouldn't have done now. I guess it's one of those situations where you ask yourself the next day, "Why did I even do that? Why didn't I just go home?"

A lot of things happened yesterday that I'd like to go back and handle differently.

For one example, I was sitting at the computer at my friends house and an older girl came up and basically asked why I had a t-shirt underneath my strappy shirt. I guess you could say that I was somewhat caught off guard at her question. I didn't give much more of a response than a measly shrug.
She then boldly continued to say something along the lines of, "You should have just worn the tank by itself.. You don't need to be all super mormon now. I get that it's more modest, but really, Ness.. Be real to yourself."
At this point, another girl was listening in on my critiques but didn't say anything.
But again, I didn't have much to say back. After she had walked away, I sat back in my chair and couldn't help but feel slightly embarrassed. What did she mean, "Be real to myself?" Who is she to say that it's not me? I suddenly couldn't concentrate on the computer and all I could think about were things that I could have said.. "It's early preparation for once I'm married. I'm going to have to wear clothes modest enough to cover my garments anyway.. I just like to.. I feel more comfortable not baring so much skin. It'd look trashy if I didn't wear a shirt underneath.." It would have been so easy to reply with any of those reasons.. But I didn't.
Why am I such a yummy dummy?
Today at church we talked about standing strong for our gospel. It was especially interesting.
It really racks my brain when the YW lesson seems like it was given just for me.

In Other News,
I had a decent birthday last Sunday, Allergies have been wild from the wind, Jon is still as great as ever, and Drill is incredibly vigorous.

Oh, I've recently realized that having a car makes me never want to go home.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"I am Not Snow White" & Involuntary Joy.

Drill started yesterday! I missed it so bad. We started the day off with a good run and 500 sit ups (No exaggerations there), and a couple sets of plank and push-ups. -If you're not on a drill team, this whole next little section may not make much sense. So just ignore it:)- We went inside the school's gym and found that the floor had been redone. We were all excited to see this, because on the regular floor that we had before, it was so slippery that you could barely stick turns. So we get our jazz shoes on, and we prance onto our new shiny surface. SURPRISE! The new glossy covering on the floor must not have had Any dirt on it whatsoever because we were sticking to the floor while we danced. Haha. Then more great hard work.. Couple of sprints.. yadda yadda... Oh, you better believe I'm sore. I'm not going to lie, it was probably one of the hardest practices I've had of my 3 years. I LOVED It.

This morning, as I was pulling into our driveway, which, by the way, at one point contained like 4 huge vans, I noticed that there was a fresh layout of cement not too far away. As I turned off my little bus, my mind started wandering..
I thought of two things.
- What would happen if a little bird stood in the wet cement for a quick stop, not realizing what he had just done as he was flying away? Would it slowly dry on his feet and confuse him when he began feeling slightly heavier than usual? My question'll probably never be answered, seeing as I'm not Snow White and don't have tons of little bird friends who are willing to step in cement for me.
- By the time I began thinking this next thought, I had nearly reached my front door. What would happen to a person if they drank wet cement? Would they die? Would their insides simply harden? I opened my front door and started laughing at the idea of it resulting in Rock Hard Abs.

Anyway. Let me give you a handful of little details about one of my very best friends. I spend a lot of time with this person and they've added spontaneous bursts of happiness to my entire Summer.
(Clears Throat.)
Odds n Ends about why Jon is As Good As It Gets:
He'll eat anything my mother puts in front of him. The Snort Laugh. The shape of his handsome face. Peppermint tea at an odd hour. The way he likes to smell everything. *Sniff Sniff* XOXOs. Introduces me to great people like Cody Skankford and obbbbbmaR. He works out my back knots. He doesn't get mad when I whine about being sore all the time. He doesn't mind my funny family. I think. Cliff Hopping. Future missionary. and or bishop;) He at least gives a pity laugh for my worthless stories. His attraction to Asians. He doesn't force me to hold hands all the time. How he used to always wear my CTR ring with all the little dancers on it. THE PASS. Various stories about discovering odd smells in THE PASS. (silence) " that it?" His brotherly forehead kiss. Motorcycle Swiddles.. We need helmets next time. His cousin Kim.-I really like her. He pushes me in the right direction. Getting to open hilarious picture messages most days. The way he talks to me when I'm concerned. Beth, Jane and Josh. Shopping for fireworks like a cute little fam with Beth, Jane and Josh. "Who's your faather?" His abnormally humongous pupils. He's got a true talent at getting me to share stories that I wanted to keep inside. College Boy. He'd win Best of Show if he entered himself in a fair. (and No, that wasn't meant to make him sound like a vegetable or farm animal.) The way he is consistently teaching me things...while I have a tough time teaching him anything new. Goodnight-Tuck-Ins. French Panes. "Braveheart Jon." Playing his guitar Phoenix while I pretend to nap. oh! The Purple Room. The time we went to the Oquirrh Lake/Pond thing. That was great. HE CHEATS WHILE PLAYING DEADMAN! Our late-night and/or early-morning Heart To Hearts.
Jon simply has a knack for making me happy in ways I wouldn't always expect.

Oh, yeah.
Look at this RIDICULOUS thing I stumbled upon... RIDICULOUS.