Thursday, July 30, 2009

Black Hot Dogs / Special People. and or Cats.

Hello, world. I just got back from camping at Rockport! We swam in the lake, roasted hot dogs (Jon likes them totally black and burnt to a crisp?!), wore mismatching yet warm clothes.. The whole Shabang! And of course, I did well not to get a sunburn...:)
The rest of today, I've just felt real dead. I think it's one of those days where I just feel like moping around and don't really want to make an effort to accomplish anything. In other words.. Just a bad lazy day. I missed a free concert with Jason too. I Fail.

I want to talk about a few people

"Her name is Jonas..." She's SO goofy. She's my mom. Sometimes I feel like she acts more like a friend or sister though. She hangs out with me and The Boy a lot. Sometimes I feel like she steals the attention and kills it for me. haha She can have a serious side too.. It just rarely comes out. She grew up living on literal dirt, her her sister, mother, father, and son have passed, she has Lupus, she's been through Chemotherapy, she had a kidney transplant.. She's just had a lot on her plate. But what I love about her is that she is so happy and full of life everyday that you'd probably never even guess.

Rachel is one of my Drill Team coaches. This is just an odd memory sort of thing.. We were all up in Park City for our drill retreat, and I was just happy that she came because I knew she was busy with all of her wedding plans and yadda yadda. She's great.

I am more than sure that he'll end up somewhere BIG and BRILLIANT in the future. Jason is probably one of the coolest people that I know. Enough Said.

Mrs. Bettinson.
She was actually my kindergarten teacher. I loved that lady.

He's still nice to me.

Gwennie Yorgason.
She is my significant other's best friend's older sister. She is really really ridiculously pretty. I hope she doesn't read this, because.. that could be.. awkward.. haha, but the last time that I saw her, I just found myself fixated on her face and her features. I couldn't find any flaws.

Ruth Jacobson.
She's my next door neighbor. She has been one door down basically all my life. I drove her to work the other night and we had a nice chat about her nonexistent basement. We have the same birthday. Well, not the Same Exact birthday like with the same year and whatnot, but the same day. Are we on the same page now?

Princess was my cat in 2nd grade. I've never loved an animal as much as her. She was this pretty skinny little brown tabby cat. Not long before she was born, her momcat came to us during a family barbecue. (Barbecue was really hard to spell tonight!) She was really friendly and hungry so we fed her. She never left us. Then she had a few kittens. And I named one of them Princess. The End.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brown paper packages tied up with strings, These are a few of my favorite things.

Sundays make me happy. Allow me to fill you in on a few other things that make me happy.

- Eating cherries straight from the bag without washing them. I get an extra little kick of amusement in when my mom nags about catching a disease or cancer from the "cleaning chemicals and bird germs."

- Falling asleep unexpectedly on the couch and waking up with my chewing gum still in my mouth.

- The tv show, Wipe Out. Something about watching other people biff it is so hilarious. Unless it's happening to me, I'm fine with watching people falling on their bums.

- Stumbling across my favorite old Disney VHSs from like 1997. Well, the ones that still have the tape wound up tight and are in good condition. Otherwise, it's just kind of a bummer to find them only to soon realize that they won't play anymore.

- Folding towels. But only if they are toasty warm and fresh from the drier!

- Having my own vehicle for transportation. She's pretty much a big white bus that I named Grace. I like driving her.. Until my body starts to perspire from the lack of A/C, that is. Oh well. I'm sure I'll just love the thing in the winter.

- Arguing:)

- The way Jon's mom is generally always happy to see me.

- How my mom consistently restates everything someone had just said, or she pointlessly repeats everything she just saw happen. For example, once we were watching Wipe Out, and we were both laughing and she innocently said, "that was funny because he wasn't expecting to do the splits while jumping from that ball."

- Staying in my church clothes all day.

- Surprising people with hugs. For instance, Jon's brother Will the other night, after fireworks. I could tell he wasn't expecting it and it made me chuckle afterward.

- Giving things to other people.

- That crazy WOAH! feeling that washes down your entire body when you see something or someone you didn't plan to see. Like, the other day.. I walked into my room and found Derek asleep on my bed. It really freaked me out to see someone's body atop my sheets.
Note from Derek: that didn't happen :)

- AWKWARD MOMENTS. Oh, there is NOTHING more enjoyable for me than a good, solid awkward situation. I could sit next to a drunk man with turrets and an elderly frail Christian woman for hours without saying anything and love every second of it. (Uh....Did that make any sense?.. In my defense, it did in my head.) ...mumbles.. kicks at a rock.. slinks away..

- Eating a few sticks of uncooked spaghetti.

- The annual Glazed Donut with a candle or two sticking out of it instead of a getting a birthday cake each year.

- Being allergic to life! It actually has a few upsides to it.

- This one may sound weird... But there is a woman in my church named Heidi. She's one of my YW leaders and she played softball in high school and still plays today. There was a point for me telling you that, I promise. (haha) Well. She has these big. buff. arms. When she stands at the front of the room, she puts her hand on her hip sometimes and it really makes her bic/tricep pop and she looks ridiculously muscly. I'd probably die if she knew I blogged about her arms.

- Finding out people are actually reading this!:)

- Seeing a movie, loving it, then seeing it again 2 more times in the dollar theaters.

- Observing Cassie rebel against her mother's wishes. It can get pretty intense. That's all I have to say.

- Listening to Jon play his guitar, Phoenix. (Take that, girls of Utah! muahah.) I especially enjoy it when he starts to sing a little bit, then quickly stops. Probably in fear that he would do something embarrassing.

- Little kids. They have no concerns.

- Waking up sore!!

- The movie preview for (500) Days of Summer. watch it here:) ( Just watching it makes me feel bubbly, so I'm excited to see how the actual movie will go. It looks good. I'm going to pack up my fellow Asian comrade and see it ASAP.

- The thought of my sister coming home. I Miss Her.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Silky Smooth Asphalt and a Bad Case o Butterflies.

I've done it. I have gone to Girls Camp and came back without a scratch.

Yesterday, myself, my family, and Jon went out to Causey Reservoir. It's this pretty little place just east of Pine View. All I have to say about the drive up was that it was hot, slightly sticky and noisy from the rumbling of the road. During our hour long drive, we went on Legacy Parkway. (squeals in excitement) I couldn't tell you why, but that thing is my favorite road in the whole world. Maybe it's because the asphalt stuff is so smooth and it sounds like you're driving on sweet nothingness.. I do love me a quiet road..

But I Digress!

Once we had reached our destination, I pulled out my trusty spf 50+ and poured a grip of it into my palm. I turned to Jon and held out the blob of white as an offering to him.. He dipped his fingertip in and said, "That's all I'll be needing." Sometimes I wish I could live on the edge like him. eh-haha.
Then my dad passed out the tubes (Originally we had planned to tube down this river.. but it turned out to be too shallow.) and of course I got the goofy small one that had a promising tiny hole in it. Not too far into our tube-age, we spotted a good bit of cliffs. My dear friend Jon began paddling his tube toward them. "Here we go...time to pick up your courage, Jane," I thought.

10 Minutes later, I found myself about 35 feet up looking down into dark ominous green water. That's when the butterflies hit.. but I wasn't about to admit that. Jon steps onto the furthest out part of the rock.. turns to me.. "Well? I guess I'll go first." I watched in horror as he threw himself out into the air. Just Kidding. I was just happy it wasn't me:)
Moments later, he's back up the cliff, standing next to me with a bloody nose and pressuring me to get on out there. I stepped out onto the edge and looked down. (which was kind of a mistake, because I ended up standing there for like 5 more minutes.. ridiculous!)
After a bit of encouragement from my sweet friend and some jeering from my father, who, by the way, is a COWARD and only went of the 12 footer, I said a quick prayer, and prepared myself for the jump. (And when I say that I said a Quick prayer, I mean QUICK.)
I let go of the rock I was cleaving to and let out a small yelp as I jumped. My arms began doing that whole flailing around thing and I soon hit the water with a hard smack on my bum. I don't think I've ever been spanked that hard, even in my childhood of spankings! I suppose it was something of a butt-flop.

There you have it, reader. My first cliff jump. Compliments to JonBon.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Blonde Escapades & Crime Scene Investigations.

(Takes a deep breath.) Ahhh, Monday.
Today I found myself wandering the hair care aisle of the magical Wally*World, where I would proceed to buy some dye. (Deep Mahogany Dark Brown, if you want to get nitty gritty.) Now usually, whenever I'd color my hair, my dear sister, Jenelle, would be there to do all of the dirty work for me. But seeing as she married and upped herself to Texas... She's not quite in Jane Hair dying distance. Looks like I'll be goin this one alone, eh?
So there I was... Standing brave in my cluttered bathroom (that resembles an office cubicle) with some strong smelling chemicals. I was ready for action. As I began reading the instructions, a small section caught my eye. It basically said, "...leave in an extra 15 minutes for intense blonding.." Ohh Man. I just hoped and prayed that that was simply a general direction printed on all of that brands instruction pamphlets. I'd rather not be a blonde Asian! I'm just saying, world, that light of hair with this oddity of a skin color that I possess just... Well I don't know. It just wouldn't work out.

La La La...
35 Minutes later, and I've washed the dye out. America, I, Janessa Dapp, am pleased to say that I am indeed, still, a brunette.

-Later that night, I packed up my little pajamas, toothbrush, and trusty scriptures and went to my dear friend Cassie's home. Can you say SLUMBER PARTY? Let me give you a watered rundown of Cassie. We have been friends since the Dinosaur age, or in other words, since 2nd grade. She's about a month older than me and she enjoys swearing at inanimate objects. She's probably the prettiest girl at our school, no homo.
Tonight we ended up watching a lot of Cold Case and Without a Trace ruruns till about 4am. It's always something new at good ol' Kasey's.

There you have it. A fraction of my day in a nutshell. ...oh. blogshell?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Highlights and a Busted Feline.

I walked into my sacrament meeting this morning, scriptures in hand. It seems to me that after sitting on my usual back row bench for about 15 minutes, my mind starts to wander around, often resulting in me staring at people. It's probably a problem. It's especially fun to observe the backishy middle row. Ohh yeahh. Here sits the ward's elderly single women. Have you ever just sat and watched someone? It can get pretty fascinating. I can think of multiple times when I've seen this one woman in specific pull a mini hymnbook out of her bag and start marking away with various colored pencils. I'm pretty curious about what sorts of things she's highlighting, or if she has a fancy color-code sort of thing going on... After that meeting, I was in my YW class, where something possessed me and I finalized my decision about going to Girls Camp. It's definitely not typical Jane to go camp out with 5 random girls from church! I wouldn't say I'm close with any of them really, so this should be a pretty interesting and enlightening experience.
In other news, I had a good interview with the Bishop today. Oh. And the outdoor cat (He is technically my cat but I disowned him, yet he still hangs around after 5 years.) got the sod beat out of him by another neighborhood cat. A tragedy.