Sunday, September 27, 2009

One, Two, Three, Four, I declare an... Arm Wrestle?

I had an incredible urge. An urge to buy reading glasses. Did I have a perscription? No. Did I even need glasses to start with? No. Did that matter to me? Oh, Of Course Noooot:)
So I hopped into Grace (who was fixed the other week, by the way), and drove myself to the nearby store. I walked over to where the glasses were, spun the little display shelf around and picked out a few pairs. After trying on the 2nd pair, I suddenly felt embarrassed. Planning to buy unnecessary glasses suddenly made me feel really childish. So I put the 4 pairs back and left the store, thinking to myself, "Good Job, Jane. You overcame the temptations of fancy glasses once again."
Ohh Yeahh. This was not the first time.

My Mom's Job Is Baaad.
She works from home and she's the lady that picks up the phone when you call the 1-800 numbers to buy things from infomercials. In the Summer, I used to come home from drill around 10am, Exhausted, mind you, and lay on her bed and listen to answer calls. "Thank you for calling 'Your Baby Can Read,' my name is Jona and this call will be recorded for accuracy, May I continue?" Haha.
I never really noticed my Mom's slight accent until I listened to her talk on the phone.

Homecoming was this week and I was deathly ill.. That's right. On ma death bed.
Ooook not reeeeally, just feeling a bit under-the-weather.

Friday night was the Football game against Hunter.
When 2nd quarter starts, All of the Excaliburs have to leave the stands and go to the dance room to get ready for the half-time performance. (We change into costumes, stretch, and go over the routine a few times.) Being RUSHED is just something that comes with being on a drill team. And while under rushed circumstances, No one has time to cover up while changing or to Run to the bathroom to take off their bras/undies... I'm just saying. When you need to hurry, and you are all straight females, no one really cares about who sees what.
I've been on drill 3 years. With give or take a few.. about 20 members each year.
All in all, I've seen about 50 Butts. 50... of that Other body part... and 100 chests.
hahaha. Oh it's just too funny.
It's not that I look intentionally, No, That's definately not the case, But sometimes you turn around while taking a shoe off or something and KaBam!

Every time I go to Michaels, the craft store, I go to one specific spot.
The Fake Flower Aisle. (Cue confettie and marching band)
And everytime I walk through that aisle, I take a few flowers and leave with them right in my hand. I know the Gay Cashier man sees me... but he never says anything. No one else seems to notice. or care.

OK, I've just got oooone question.
When you leave a tip on the table, who picks it up? The waitress or the busboy?

I've noticed, and am sorry to admit, that I tend to eat more politely at home than in restaurants. Alright, maybe it's not the eating that's the sloppy part, just what I leave behind. I always leave messy little remnants of my dinner around the plate. Nothing huge like a dollop of barbeque sauce or a smear of mashed potatoes, just like... little slices of onions, or chicken finger crumbs. Does anyone else have this same habit? I probably wouldn't make such messes at home.

Speaking of habits, Me and my Jon are breaking bad habits together:)
But I won't be telling you what they are.
.... ok Fineee. I have vowed to not bite my nails. It's a filthy habit that I've had since I can remember, but it's time for it to go.

This last Sunday, I was up in Ogden for a friend's Farewell talk. It went really well.
Afterwards, there was a little lunch prepared back at my friend's house. I've never really had potato salad before... but I had it there. Let me tell ya, it's the weirdest thing I've ever tasted.
It didn't take too long before Jenelle ditched me and I decided I was bored with Derek. I looked around the backyard where everyone was. I was literally Scanning the place, area by area, looking for a little entertainment. NONE. So then I did something that I do in many boring situations. It's weird. I know. Oh well.. I go into the bathroom and sit on the counter or the edge of the tub for a few minutes. and Wait. That's it. I just wait around. For some reason, doing that seems to pass time faster than making small talk with people.
Moments later, I walk out of the bathroom to find 3 people waiting in line. The 2nd girl looked pretty anxious. Hahaha.
Once I had returned to the backyard, I found Derek and we went to sit under an umbrella-covered table. (hmmm. I think I made that sound like we were sitting under a table. But you get the point. The table we were sitting AT, not UNDER, had an umbrella above it.) Good greif, I should've just erased that first sentence and told you correct facts about the table instead of going and writing all of that durn in the parenthesis above. Now I've just wasted even more time! ANYWAY! When me and Derek sat down at the table, I was like. "Arm wrestle, you game?" He agreed. We began. He failed, I won. "Rematch!" Again, He failed, I won. "One More! and this time I get to use both hands!" Surprise... He failed:) He then leaned back in his seat and said slowly and quietly..."You're so muscley, Janessa......" It made my day complete.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stalker Files. Slow little girls. Brand New.

The Best = Your phone rings.. Who Could It Be? Eek! Your personal stalker. Now, in a situation like this, you have the beautiful option of setting your phone down on the table and watching it vibrate in circles while your Creeper Caller gets your voicemail.
The Worst = Stalker calls from an unknown number. Girl gets excited to see a curious new number and answers call. Well......
Girl is now basically screwed.

--Have you ever gone to great lengths to ignore someone? I sure have. I've gone to incredible lengths! Ok, maybe not incredible lengths, but I think it'd be safe to say that I'm a pretty good Avoider.

I heard the funniest little thing come out of Kenadee's mouth the other day. Here's how it went.
"-I'm thirsty! -And I'm Friday. Let's get together Saturday and have us a Sunday."
Haahah. Has everyone on this planet already heard that one except for me??

Although I fear I won't be able to explain it very well and will just end up leaving the impression on you that I'm plain stupid, I now have something ridiculous to shove into your pretty little mind.
-- Take your hands, and put them together by interlocking your fingers. It feels normal, right? Because your hands are both the same size and they already fit, riiight?? But when you hold hands with other people.. Have you ever wondered what it feels like for the other person's fingers to be intertwined with yours?? What does your hand feel like to someone else?

There are 2 things that I cannot tolerate.
1. Rude behavior in a man. (haha)
2. Driving behind an Asian.
I'm an Asian myself, but DANG. The true oriental oldies are terrible drivers! They signal left and go right, drive ATLEAST 10 under the speed limit, and brake at unnecessary random times.
My dear AJ friends, if this applies to you, Please just stay home on your pretty Asian-smelling couches and drink your delightful Asian tea:) (Jason, you're an exception.)

The other week, I went to my little brother's Cross Country meet at Jefferson Jr. High. The sky was ever so slowly growing grayer and grayer... An obvious warning for rain. Me, Ma and Howard grabbed a few umbrellas and headed out to where West Lake's runners were. Then we found some little area on the grass that wasn't already occupied by obnoxious little junior highers.
A clap of thunder boomed followed shortly by a downpour of rain.
Since Ma's health must come before my own, she got to wear my warm little jacket. (Pulls a gritted smile.) It. Was. Freeezing.
So there the three of us were.. Sitting out in the middle of a field of grass in the middle of a rain party. About.. ehh.. 3 or 4 minutes later, Ma and Howard ditched the open wetness to go stand under some roof thing. But I didn't get up to follow them. I stayed sitting on the grass, about 4 inches off the ground in my little beach chair with a crappy umbrella over my head. All was well, despite the freezing coldy cold wind.
I was about to get up and leave too, when all of the sudden... Some little girl that was about to start her race runs up to me, throws an armful of clothes at me, and as she's running away yells at an alarming speed, "Willyouholdtheseformeuntili'mdone? Kthankyou!!" I was stunned. Frightened almost.
After like 20 minutes, that darn little child finished her race and came to get her things. FINALLY!! And let me tell you this, she was Not a fast runner.
After that, I was shaking so I decided it was time for me to Cowardize to some shelter. I stood up, grabbed the silly chair I was on, and found my Mommy. She then pushed on my right shoulder to turn me back around so she could see my back. She laughed and said, "You're soaked." Poor little Jane. It was so cold out there that I seriously had no idea the entire back of my thin light blue shirt was soaked through. Oops.

Hahaah. I just need to say this. My parents are married. They are together. I usually refer to them as "Ma and Howard," I know, But Howard is indeed my Dad. I guess that by consistently calling him by his first name may make it sound like he's my Step-dad or something.. But that's not the case. Howard Dapp is my true Father.

Do you think there's such a thing as a Bad Person?
I've asked myself this before, but I've just gotten real deep into thought about it today. What's my answer? It can't be true. At All. I believe that every person out there has Something in them, in some it may be deeper than others, but each person has at least a pinch in them that means well. "I am made up of hundreds of thousands of flaws, all sewn together by honest, good intentions." Doesn't everyone else see themselves this same way, despite what other opinions people may have?

Sometime in your life, you've dropped/lost a possession of yours that you truly loved.
But what if someone else picked it up/found it, and felt incredibly lucky about it? What if it made their day? ...Or what if it was just something that they Really needed to come across at the time and your lost object helped them out? - Thoughts like those make me not mind as much when I lose things in public.

Brand New's new songs from their album Daisy are AMAZING. I love it. I recommend you check em out.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Clifford, The Massive, Red Monster... and Pilfering Artificial Clouds.

I'm not going to lie.. If a shiny suited man and his skimpy skinny little assistant showed up at my door with a 2x5 sized check with 1 mill dollars written on it... All my problems would be solved.

In my Psychology class, Mrs. Gaskins occasionally plays music for us while we work. During our last class, as I was coloring my freshly drawn Neuron diagram, I watched her put a CD into the Stereo.
Good Grief.. It was the Original Mamma Mia! Soundtrack. Without much thought, I began tapping my foot. I surprised myself when I realized I knew every word to the majority of the songs. Bahah. Am I a nerd or what?

Sometimes when I finish work in class early, and I'm Extremely bored, I turn the Bluetooth in my phone on. Once it's on, I press 'Search' and my phone finds all the other Bluetooth Enabled phones in the room. Then they all show up in a list on my phone. My phone's Bluetooth's search name is just Jane. But some people have WAY goofy ones. Then the entertainment comes about and I look around the room trying to figure out and match which of these girl's has the phone name of "~*GiGgLezZ:]*~".

I'd like to take a short moment to discuss Clifford, The Big, Red Dog.
- First of all, what was it that made him so red and so massive? Corrupted genetics and cells? Abnormal mammal breeding? Who knows.
- Emily Elizabeth and her family must be freaking loaded. It has got to be costly having him as a pet. Clifford's dog house is Much larger than their own. And how do they feed that animal? What does he like to eat? Maybe I'm being judgmental, or maybe the books/cartoon just didn't want him to seem frightening... But if i owned a HUGE creature like Emily Elizabeth does, I'd assume he'd enjoy a nice big bowl of large wildlife animals.
- On the bright side, he'd never get lost.
- A quick funny story... Me and Derek were watching Clifford on PBS. I hadn't seen it in Quite some time so I asked, "Does Clifford speak in this show at all?" And Derek replies, "Yeah! and Did you know that he originally spoke German?" Now you need to understand that Derek is a very serious kid whom I'd never doubt.. So I was suddenly awestruck and questioned him more on the matter. He proceeded to tell me that Clifford was originated in Germany and that Marvel Comics bought him from the original illustrator. Then after being owned my MC for a short amount of time, Norman Bridwell adopted the character and began a series of children's books based on the Big Red Dog. Yeah... I Totally believed him.
- Before John Ritter passed away, He voiced in for Clifford in the tv show. Cool, huh?

The other week, my main sister Cassie had a health scare. As we were running our usual 2 miles, she was complaining about a pain in her side. We figured it was just a side ache... but Nooo. Two nights later, She was being kept in Pioneer's ER getting her blood drawn and tested for something with her Appendix.. (I never found out the true cause, actually. I'm a terrible friend.) But she's fine now:) Anyway!
While she was at Pioneer at 1AM, they gave her the option of staying the night or coming back in about 6 hours for results. (She chose coming back later.)
So Cassie Bowles, being the trouper that she is, came to Drill the next morning. Of course she didn't dance, but it just meant a lot that she came at all. The first thing I noticed when I saw her was that she had a Fat Wrap around the middle of her arm.
-"Cass. What is that?"
-"Oh, I still have the IV needle in my arm underneath this."
Haha... What The Heck, right? I guess she had to keep it in until she would return to the clinic. Who knows why.
The needle was in her right arm. (The top-side of her elbow.) The nurse told her that she could still bend her arm a little and whatnot, but Cassie was too scared to.
--This next part's kinda silly.
In the locker room that day, I was curious about how Cassie would have to go about things with just one arm, so I tried getting ready without bending my right arm at all. Brushing my teeth left handed wasn't so hard, but there was no way I'd be able to do my hair. So...I gave up:)
Cough... I give Mad Props to all the One-Armed people of this world.

I've got a big problem.. with stealing.
Stealing.. Hotel PILLOWS. It's not very nice, I know. But man, after spending a night on those Crystal Inn "fluffy clouds".. It's impossible not to be tempted to take one.. or two.. home with you. I now have 5 swindled pillows in my home.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Square Minded Mothers and Reading Barbies.

I enter the kitchen around 9 and it's almost a guarantee that I'll find my Mom eating a big plate of something. Not a plate of SOMETHINGS, just a plate of one thing. She's Funny That Way. A Big majority of the time, it's watermelon that's been cut into square chunks. Oh, by the way, She talks on the phone with my sister Constantly. Whenever she is on the phone and eating her watermelon, I always steal her fork when she sets it down to chew/talk. The funny part of it all is that it's like her mind doesn't register that I've swiddled her fork. She just continues to eat her watery fruit with her fingers like nothing ever happened to her choice utensil.
Silly Unaware Mommy Dearest.

Daaang. After school I'm usually Way tired and all I want to do is take a blissful little nap. But around 3 or 4, the sun is just Blaring Heat through my window (my windows face West). It heats up my bed covers/blankets/pillows, putting my room under impossible happy nappy napping conditions. Frick. I guess I could just plop myself down on the couch... But that's nothing compared to the comfort of one's own bed.

HAHA. I have Got to tell you a story that happened to me at the beginning of Junior year. (Which was last year.) I was sitting in Mrs. Fockel's class with a red sweater, it was the last period of the day, and the End-Day Announcements were coming on. Ok, now that class is usually really quiet, since Fockel was insane, but we had a sub that day. And everyone was unnaturally rowdy. I don't remember what it was, but there was something in the announcements that day that I knew I needed to hear. So, being my timid little self, I tilt my head and let out a loud, "SHH!"
Here's comes the part that still makes me chuckle to myself.
A fairly large black girl was sitting behind me and I hear her say, "Did that bit** in the red right here just Shush me?" I knew she was talking about me, But she obviously wasn't aware that my 'Shh' was directed to the general class as a whole. She continued, "Oh I Know that girl did not just shush me. Oh heellll no. I will bust some if I ever here shi* like that." If you know me personally, you would've figured by now that instead of being frightened, I was trying my hardest not to laugh. Was this girl being serious? I Hope I Won't Offend Anyone Who Is Reading This, but she was talking like a true sista straight outta the hood.
--And no, I didn't "meet her at the flagpole at 4", no punches were thrown, I even left without getting a wedgie! Life is Gooood.

Holly Molly, I have the most wrinkly hands in the world.
Ask to see them sometime. I'll show ya.

My Aunt Barbara is the best aunt in the world. She's actually the only aunt that I have on my dad's side. She's like a 2nd mother. I love her very much and I'm afraid that she doesn't know it. Me and Barb have a lot in common, but you wouldn't be able to tell that if we were standing side by side. It's just that we think a lot a like, which I think is realllly special. Do you know anyone who has a thought process that's very similar to your own? If you do, you should know what I mean. It's just kind of cool.
Aunt Barbie loves to read. Even more than I do. And I am BIG on reading. This last weekend, she brought me a plastic bag filled with books. (7 or 8, maybe?) "I thought you might like these, I'm done with them all." That woman is a Saint.

Along with this site, I have a Facebook, a MySpace, and Hotmail.
...and I just recently realized that I have a different Password to log in for each of them.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Plumbing Capers. Unsettling Humor. Long Lines of Life.

(Diiing Dooong) "Hi, my name is Jane, you wouldn't mind if I stepped inside and borrowed your shower, would you?"
Haha. I may have to do this sometime this week. But with a friend's house or something. (There's no telling what situations I could set myself up for by asking this favor of a stranger!)
Well, Here's the story. Last night as I came home and walked into the kitchen, I was greeted by tons of wet clothes laid out on my kitchen table/counters. Of course my first thoughts were, "Why the sod??" This morning, ok.. ok. This Afternoon, my mom came and woke me up and while she was there I asked her what the deal with all the wet clothing items was. Apparently our entire water system/drainage went stupid last night and when my brother was draining his bathtub water, the drain backed up and flooded our basement/washer room, and we had a couple baskets of newly washed clothes sitting on the floor that got decently soaked. BUUUUHHH!!!

Saturday night, Jon was back in West Valley for the weekend. I was Very happy to see him. Me, him and my mom were eating Filipino foods called Pansit and Lumpia (basically Flip noodles with chicken and egg rolls with beef), and I look over at my mom's expression. Whenever Jon is over, my mom is extra lively and happy it seems. haha.
- A quick story. My mom is a funny lady. In America, when something out of the ordinary happens or we see something that takes us by surprise, the general thing to do would be to exclaim, "Oh, ship!" or "Holy cow." ... ya know? Well my mom always says a short phrase in Tagalog, a Filipino language. (I won't be telling you the phrase because you would probably go and translate it through Google Language and we'd all be in a tizzy.)
Anyway... her little phrase, when translated, means something pretty nasty. She never uses it in situations where it would actually correctly apply, she just uses it for an exclamatory remark. Jon has heard her say this phrase many many times, but we didn't want him to find out what it meant. But he got sneaky and remembered the phrase, probably guessed on each words spelling, and got it translated by Google. I was so mad. haha. Then my mom found out that Jon learned the meaning and she was extremely embarrassed.
--But Back To My Story About Having Jon Over For Flip Food.
We were sitting there eating and Ma says, "Jon, now that you know that meaning, we have to adopt you into the family!"
I took the reins (to try to save myself from a little embarrassment because I knew where she was going with it) and turned to him and said, "I guess we're brother and sister now! heh heh."
Then he gave a little chuckle and then Ma continues to say, "Or we could adopt you into the family another way." Then she turns and winks to me. Golly Grief, she sure knows how to make a girl feel dorky. Good thing Jon is already relatively used to her goofiness.

Tonight, me and Jason are going to see Matt & Kim in concert. If you've never heard of them, I Recommend you look them up. Look up the song Daylight or the song Lessons Learned. They're really fun and their poppy dotty sound will make you want to shake your head.

Off the top of my head, I can think of two small things that make me giddy.
1.) When you say something that you've put a lot of thought into, and someone says, "Hey, that was great, where did you get that?" and you get to feel all accomplished as you reply, "It's just something that popped into my head."
2.) Gosh, I love finding out when people know my name. I know a lot of people's names without knowing them personally at all, and I always just kind of assume that they don't know mine. But when I find out that they know who I am as well... Well gee. It's oddly flattering. hahha.

Life Is Just a Matter of Waiting.
I'm constantly feeling like I'm waiting for something, but I don't know what it could be.
I'd like to find out soon though.