Thursday, November 12, 2009


You guys, I'm picking up odd urges lately. Let me shed a little light.
- When I drive home from a night drill practice, or driving anywhere during dark hours for that matter, and I see people walking by themselves down the street... I'm VERY tempted to pull over and offer them a ride. Especially when it's cold.
- Wanting to run my hands through others' hair. This actually occurred today, as a matter of fact. I was standing behind this kid in Seminary. Now this kid has some shiny blond hair that's styled into a long, thin shag. Without thinking, my hand started raising towards his hair to touch it. THANK GOODNESS my hand only moved a few inches before I thought. "Jane. What The Weirdo, what are you doing?!" Hahahah. Just so you know, I'm dead embarrassed to have shared that story with you all. Oh Well.
- Whenever someone sitting near me gets up and leaves their seat.. I want to lean over and quickly doodle a stick figure doing something funny on their paper. I wouldn't do it to someone I didn't really know, no way. That'd be a different story...

Dot Dot Dot.

I'M GOING TO WEBER, and that's that:) I'm ready to be done with all of the high school silliness! Me, Marychase, and possibly Samir are planning to go there. We're attempting to pull Cassie over too. College. Next Fall. Purple. Here we come.

I need to write this down before I forget about it.
The other week, I was walking down the hall to the dance room for one of my classes when I clumsily drop my jacket. I pick it up, keep walking... and all of the sudden I hear some guy quite near me say, "Da--, look at that a--." So I'm thinking, "Oh my. Just... keep walking." I walked for a little while longer, afraid to turn around to face the disrespectful creeper.. But I couldn't hold it in any longer, knowing that he was still following me, just steps behind. I turn around to say something, only to find that it was my friend RJ. I let out a sigh of relief knowing it was just him that made the comment. For all of you who don't know RJ, he is gay. That explains my relief when I realized it was him. haha. RJ is as original as it gets. He tells me when I do ugly things in dance and doesn't care about softening up his critiques. If it were anyone else telling me, I'd probably get ticked off. He also started blogging. I want to share his link, hopefully he doesn't mind??

Well, today was the first day that I haven't had noticeably puffy eyes. I've done my share of crying/whining/being-a-baby the past little bit. It's been hard. And people, you should all know better than to ask me loudly in the middle of a crowded room, "HAVE YOU BEEN CRYING EARLIER?? YOU WERE, HUH? WHAT'S GOING ON, WHAT'S WRONG? TELL ME TELL ME, YOU CAN TELL ME!" Tsk Tsk, guys. Way to embarrass me. haha.
I'm pretty glad I'm LDS. It's been a big help for me in a situation such as this.
I'm having a hard time changing my Facebook "Relationship Status."
I think I'm alright to say that I've accepted that it happened.. But I can't bring myself to change anything.
So if you're still confused about whatever the heck I'm talking about... Yes, world. I find myself single again.
It kind of sods all.

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