Friday, July 20, 2012

My name is Jonas.

Good day, everyone. It is currently 3 something in the morning. Unfortunately, I've hit this point in my young life where I don't even hit the tip of the iceberg of sleepiness until about 4am. This is normal to me now. This is probably not good.

To start this out, I need to make it very clear that if someone would have told me a year ago, nay, even 6 months ago, where I'd be at in life today.. I would have laughed hysterically followed by a case of uncontrollable sobs while spoon feeding myself sorbet right from the carton. Life is such a freaking ride, isn't it? No.. In all seriousness.. I'm probably happier right now and more content with where I'm at and the way things are since as long as I can remember. Everything always has a funny way of working out.

Well here it is.
Here is my business that is no one's business. Unless you follow my blog. Then my mess of life is now on a platter for you to pick through and decide what looks good, what looks acceptably edible, and what looks so sad you wouldn't think about putting in your mouth.

I'm not engaged anymore.
That's pretty much all I've got to say on that matter.

I moved from Nampa to Boise last month. I'm about 5 blocks from the Boise State University and have absolutely no intentions of going back to college any time soon. I miss my mom, I miss the Utah mountains, I miss seeing black people, I miss the Jersey Shore wanna beez, I miss ... haha. Scratch the last mentioned one. People in Idaho are so... Normal. People don't try hard to be something society teaches them is 'cool' here. People are themselves. People are genuinely kind.
I like that.

I have a weird hair cut. Kind of shorter in back and longer in front. I guess the correct term is an A-line.. only mine is a Really long one. haha. I get girls touching my hurr daily at work and asking if I am aware that my hair is REALLY uneven. Tomorrow when it happens I'm just going to freak out and be like, "whaaaat?! I just got it cut!"

I shop online a ridiculous amount. Where I was staying before I moved to Boise supplied me a bed and dresser and all that good stuff so I never had any of the like that actually belonged to my name... So once I moved out of Nampa Town, I had to buy all new everything. New bed. New frame. New dresser. New mini table bedside thang... such a pain. Thank God for I went a little too crazy there. They did, however, save my life with Free Shipping on orders over 75 bones. I couldn't believe my luck. I'm so glad I have a phat job that can help me feed my terrible shopping habits.

I get weirder looking with each passing day.

I miss Derek. Apparently he is getting into Photoshop. I asked to see his progress and this is what he sent back in reply.
That is my brother in law's face. On his face. My sister's face. And their child's face.
My younger male self is an absolute genius.

Continuing on, I live with 2 men. LET THE JUDGING POUR IN, UTAHNS. Anyway, Yes. I live with 2 men. Sometimes 2 boys... but most of the time they are 2 MEN. Their names are Carson and Colton. Mad entertaining. (By the way, Colty's twitter name is @coltonflynn92. I will be most happy if this gets him some random followers. hahah.) They are absolute sweeeethearts and they are clean and they are beautiful and they are 19 and 20 and they hail from Baker, Oregon -which is lovely- and they are tall and they are the funnest people I have ever ever lived with. They are redic spontaneous too. For example. I came home the other day and was greeted with a new river raft and two cutiepies asking if I was ready to go to the lake. I adore them, if you weren't able to tell. If you follow my twitta then you'll be able to take note that they are often mentioned. Carson and I are both dealing with a ridiculous work schedule of a daily 2:30pm to 11:00pm shift.. So as I brought up in this post's 2nd sentence, The regularity of getting yawny at 4am is just as constant with poor Carson as it is me. Even as I write this blog, he is to my right on the couch playing Minecraft.
Carson is intelligent.
Carson understands my anxiety.
Carson buys me energy drinks. and Monster Lemonade.
Carson paid for my dinner at Denny's tonight even though I told him i was taking HIM out. He paid for Colty's dinner too.... Who I ALSO said I was taking out.
Carson and Colty built me a dresser. and Soon they'll hook it up with a bedframe. I don't know how to thank them.

HEY, a little late buuuut...
I need to make the public aware that this post is in dedication of my dear old friend Jordan Johnson. Jordan Johnson from West Valley, not the Jordan Johnson in Orem. The 'Happy Valley' Jordan is dope too.. But J from Dub Vee is as good as it gets and THIS is his moment in the sun that is my blog. The reason of this said dedication is because JJ will be leaving to Japan pretty soon here on his mish. What a freaking soldier. He is going to make Sooo many asians Sooo happy. I used to have a major crush on him in 2nd grade in Mrs. Frederickson's class. He was the class stud in his snappy overalls and whoosits and what not. Still the class stud... sans overalls. (As far as my knowledge goes, anyway. Maybe he's still rockin the outfit to this day. I haven't done a very good job on keeping up on his choice of wear.)
- He has always made me a handmade birthday card. I keep them all saved in a little cubby deal.
- He made Honors Chem bearable. I still feel like I owe him to this day.
- He's never judged me. I hope.
- He always remembered funny little random things and did a superb job at reminding me of them. For example... 'The Gennifer.'
- Uh he's going to JAPAN on his mission. He's going to live in Asia for 2 years. Who does that? Yeah. No one. Unless you're Jordan. Or happen to be called to that mission.
Japan will be lucky to have you, Jordan. btw, if you're reading this Jordan SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS. or email if available.

ok all. It's about that time. Goodbye. Goodnight.

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