Tuesday, October 20, 2009

B-A-N-A-N-A-S!... Tardies... Weak arms.

Man, I've been on a banana high. I crave bananas. I have one for breakfast sometimes, I get one from the cafeteria, I eat them with my dinner... because just like rice, bananas seem to compliment everything. To me, at least.

Heck Of.
I've developed a talent of swatting those quick little fruit flies mid-air with my hands! I rarely miss. Aren't you proud of me?

--May there be no racial offense taken in this next paragraph:)--
Dear students of Granger High...
There is Nothing that irritates me more than the following:
-When poly kids CHASE each other while laughing hysterically down the hall, carelessly hitting people in the process. Grief.
-When the Mexicans just STAND in the middle of the hallway talking between classes. Not quite the best place for conversation. This goes for the people who crowd around the bottom of the stairway too. Sheesh!
-Slow walkers. This'll have to be my number one pet peeve. Ok, I know I walk a bit faster than the average girl, but daaang, Geena. You may not care about being late, But I Do.

I just made a connection.
All these new little fruit flies are probably around more on the cause of my new-found love of Bananas. hahah. Could that be the case??

Every other morning, I wake up for Drill practice a little after 5. I get myself ready, put my school clothes together, and stress that I leave 15 minutes before 6am so that I won't have to worry about being tardy.
-- Then there's the days that I don't have drill. You better believe I'm always late. I usually pull into the parking lot 10 minutes after the first bell.
Myyy Error.

Speaking of being late.
The other morning, I was rushing to get to the school from the parking lot so that I could attempt to beat the bell. Well as I was power-walking and weaving between the cars, I passed a white Honda. I noticed that it's lights were still on, with no one inside. I continued walking without much thought.
Kept Walking..
Kept Walking..
Crap. Alriiiight.
I turn around and walk back in the direction of the white car.
I rip open my pack-pack and hastily grab a pen and paper and write down the license plate number so that I could turn it in into the office.
I'd feel so bad if someone came out to their car to find that their battery had died over their simple mistake... but I'd feel especially terrible if I had seen that same car earlier and not done anything.
I get inside the main hallway and the bell had already buzzed. Frick! So I'm like. "Why do you have to be so kind?" haha. jk.
I turn the license plate number into the nice lady with brown hair and feel accomplished with myself.
I walk to class. Walk to my seat. Give Mr. Pace a head nod.. (Oh yeah, Me and Mr. Pace are good pals. We nod at each other and thas whassup.)
--I had a class outside later that day, so I made a stop at that car on my way out. Sure enough, It's lights were off. Hooray!

Isn't it funny how attitudes have influences on other attitudes? Something preeeetty crazy happened Monday morning at practice. It needed to happen though, I think... Because everything feels better and together now. Iloveyou,team.

A while back, for one of my dance teams, we were supposed to receive our Sweats one day. But the lady that delivers them to us couldn't make it.
I asked Adeena, "Where is she?"
A: "Her son died, she won't be coming."
Me: "??!!"
The lady that gives us our clothes doesn't seem that old, her son is fairly young.. He is maybe in his early 20's. When I found out what had happened, I felt so strange. Just about a week before that, I met him for the first time when he was helping his mom deliver our drill outfits. It made me feel so odd knowing that someone that had made an appearance in my life, for only a few minutes, was GONE.. That the young, healthy looking person I had just seen was now being lowered into the dirt.
It made me remember how fragile life is.
I'm praying for that lady. Hopefully she'll find some comfort.

Part of Halloween was spent at a family party at the Stott's. There were fun little activities for all the children. There are a LOT of children.. or at least there are in comparison to my own family. While wandering around the happy atmosphere, I had Jon's Sister's child, Isaac, propped up on my hip for a little while. He has a sweet little face and "floofy" light blond hair. He's adorable!
Alright, Angela. Let me just say, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but parts near my armpits and lower back were a little sore the next day. Now, It's not that I'm not in decent shape. But man, having a kid has got to be tough beans physically. haha. I admire you, you muscular mommy, you.

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