Sunday, April 25, 2010

C'mon gang, We've Got Diem to Carpe.

My mother is a nag.
Cleaning my room is such a drag.
My anger is boiling till I get a pretty rash.
and Then she says "Oh do shut up, take out the trash."
- Janessa Mariah Dapp, 4/25/10 (Nonfictional story told in an accurate account.)

We never answer the phone at my house unless someone leaves a message. (Because we don't have Caller ID and do well to avoid pesky telemarketers who want to let us know about all the vacations we May Have won.) (and just so ya know, I've tried with ALL my might to get dad to let me make a personalized voice greeting. "You've got the Dappies, leave a leave a leave a messsaaaageee!" But noooo... It was too childish for his taste.) But this leads me to a wonderful little tale. This one time, a guy from some insurance agency was calling, but he actually left a message instead of hanging up when he got our voicemail. It went something like this: "Hello, Dapp family. My name is Gregory and I'm just calling to let you know about our most recent Auto Coverage Package. blah blah, more blah.. And we would really appreciate it if you could take just a few minutes to -- BUUUUURRRRP!!-- call us back... Thanks, bye." ... It was probably the Loudest belch I've ever heard as well as the highlight of that entire week. Must've been one of those unexpected bubbles of gas that just randomly rolls up the throat in the middle of a sentence... I dunno. But it had me laughing so hard. After that happened, I caused a big ruckus and got all of my family into the kitchen to listen to the voicemail. Unfortunately, no one found as much humor in it as I did and it made me feel really immature... Eh. Losers.

I had Jordan convinced for a good solid month and a half that my middle name was Matt.

I really like this whole blog thing I've got going on - It makes me happy! :) I was talking to my friend about it yesterday when I realized that I don't like to talk about events... But little details that happened in the events. Like.. If I went to a beautiful wedding.. I wouldn't talk about the wedding... I'd rather talk about the strange looking baby that sat in front of me at the wedding.
hahhaha. What a freak.

  • gave a talk at Jake's and Ammity's baptisms.
  • visited That River wiff my special friend.
  • looked at body-part shaped clouds. (Soooonotwhatyouthink.) Well.. Maybe.
  • watched Jenelle and Tim clean out their freshly broken-into car window.
  • ate a meal fit for a king. or a polynesian. Compliments to Jody. and Dee.
  • prayed.
  • helped some amateur film makers by lending in my weird Celeb Quality face.
  • had some fun teaching myself to skateboard.
  • continued skating for a good 20 minutes while Jordan ditched me.
  • haha.
  • SMILED. a lot. Puppy love is the best love.
Wow, I'm just awkward to the point where it's downright hilarious.
You know how sometimes you just kind of zone out during class and when that Zone Out occurs, your eyes kind of get fixated on something and you can't look away? My friends and I like to call this: The Stupid Stare. Ahh, yes. This happened last Friday to me. The odd part was that the object that I got stuck on was this girl across the room's feet. hhahhaahahha. She had sandles on. Anyway. I was pulled out of my stupor when she curled her feet under themselves. And when I looked up at her face, she was already looking at me. Before she turned into the other direction, she gave me a Why-the-hell-are-you-staring-at-my-feet Look. She caught me! It must've made me look like such a creeper!
- I can't stop laughing in my cute little brain when I think about it.

Well. I'm out like a dud firework on the 4th of July. I'll be back with more strangeness soon. Bye now.

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