Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"I am Not Snow White" & Involuntary Joy.

Drill started yesterday! I missed it so bad. We started the day off with a good run and 500 sit ups (No exaggerations there), and a couple sets of plank and push-ups. -If you're not on a drill team, this whole next little section may not make much sense. So just ignore it:)- We went inside the school's gym and found that the floor had been redone. We were all excited to see this, because on the regular floor that we had before, it was so slippery that you could barely stick turns. So we get our jazz shoes on, and we prance onto our new shiny surface. SURPRISE! The new glossy covering on the floor must not have had Any dirt on it whatsoever because we were sticking to the floor while we danced. Haha. Then more great hard work.. Couple of sprints.. yadda yadda... Oh, you better believe I'm sore. I'm not going to lie, it was probably one of the hardest practices I've had of my 3 years. I LOVED It.

This morning, as I was pulling into our driveway, which, by the way, at one point contained like 4 huge vans, I noticed that there was a fresh layout of cement not too far away. As I turned off my little bus, my mind started wandering..
I thought of two things.
- What would happen if a little bird stood in the wet cement for a quick stop, not realizing what he had just done as he was flying away? Would it slowly dry on his feet and confuse him when he began feeling slightly heavier than usual? My question'll probably never be answered, seeing as I'm not Snow White and don't have tons of little bird friends who are willing to step in cement for me.
- By the time I began thinking this next thought, I had nearly reached my front door. What would happen to a person if they drank wet cement? Would they die? Would their insides simply harden? I opened my front door and started laughing at the idea of it resulting in Rock Hard Abs.

Anyway. Let me give you a handful of little details about one of my very best friends. I spend a lot of time with this person and they've added spontaneous bursts of happiness to my entire Summer.
(Clears Throat.)
Odds n Ends about why Jon is As Good As It Gets:
He'll eat anything my mother puts in front of him. The Snort Laugh. The shape of his handsome face. Peppermint tea at an odd hour. The way he likes to smell everything. *Sniff Sniff* XOXOs. Introduces me to great people like Cody Skankford and obbbbbmaR. He works out my back knots. He doesn't get mad when I whine about being sore all the time. He doesn't mind my funny family. I think. Cliff Hopping. Future missionary. and or bishop;) He at least gives a pity laugh for my worthless stories. His attraction to Asians. He doesn't force me to hold hands all the time. How he used to always wear my CTR ring with all the little dancers on it. THE PASS. Various stories about discovering odd smells in THE PASS. (silence) "...is that it?" His brotherly forehead kiss. Motorcycle Swiddles.. We need helmets next time. His cousin Kim.-I really like her. He pushes me in the right direction. Getting to open hilarious picture messages most days. The way he talks to me when I'm concerned. Beth, Jane and Josh. Shopping for fireworks like a cute little fam with Beth, Jane and Josh. "Who's your faather?" His abnormally humongous pupils. He's got a true talent at getting me to share stories that I wanted to keep inside. College Boy. He'd win Best of Show if he entered himself in a fair. (and No, that wasn't meant to make him sound like a vegetable or farm animal.) The way he is consistently teaching me things...while I have a tough time teaching him anything new. Goodnight-Tuck-Ins. French Panes. "Braveheart Jon." Playing his guitar Phoenix while I pretend to nap. oh! The Purple Room. The time we went to the Oquirrh Lake/Pond thing. That was great. HE CHEATS WHILE PLAYING DEADMAN! Our late-night and/or early-morning Heart To Hearts.
Jon simply has a knack for making me happy in ways I wouldn't always expect.

Oh, yeah.
Look at this RIDICULOUS thing I stumbled upon... RIDICULOUS.

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