Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Smile for the Carpet - Magic Steps - Blind Mice.

"Party tonight Pitch @ leas $3 fro food 2633s3560w street acros prkway park tat goes in2 nayborhood then turn L go straight till the T intersctn, house on corner"
--That, my good friends, is an actual text message that I received last Friday night. I didn't even realize that people my age still talked like that!
But I must admit that I went through an illiterate phase during junior high.. and I am not proud of it. The other day, I found a few old notes that were passed between me and a boy from 8th or 9th grade. My eyes were immediately drawn to the silly loopy penmanship and all of my "khehe"s and "jkjk lol lol"s.. it just kind of made me feel embarrassed.
- Did we all used to do that??

Haha, I bet the titles of all my blogs make them seem like they'll be more interesting than they truly are.

Greeeat Gatsby, this is the first week of school!!
Picture day was Today.
I made a quick stop in the bathroom to make sure everything was looking decently normal, and headed into the auditorium. (Which, by the way, was like 90 degrees.)
Ever since my cousin Alex took her Granger Senior picture for the yearbook, I've been excited to take one of my own. But as I headed onto the stage, I couldn't help but feel somewhat letdown once I realized it wasn't as special as I had imagined. I approached the Dresser lady as she held out that terrible blue shawl thing that we all have to wear. I've always thought it looked so classy in the pictures. But now that it was my turn, I took a quick overall observation of the shawl and was instantly reminded of a dusty clothy blue carpet.
- We can't have it all, huh?
So then it was my turn to be picturified and I point to the upright rectangle box seat and ask, "Just here?" ..and the photographer says, "Yep, just sit right there, Beautiful."
Pardon me for being curious and/or suspicious about every little detail in life, but do you think that he calls every girl Beautiful before they are photographed as a pre-picture confidence booster?

I've noticed that whenever someone starts cracking their knuckles in class, someone nearby that person begins to do the same. And I, Janessa M. Dapp, am guilty of following the crowd. Ooohwee, It's Contagious! (Wiggles fingers in excitement.)

Ok, this next part may get slightly confusing..
But I really want to tell you about something that I am very very excited about:)
Every person has their very own scent. No one in the world has the same one as them. (Some more pleasant than others.) Personal Identity Specific Smells. PISS. (haha. I'm sorry. The immaturity will stop Now.) AS I WAS SAYING...
When a girl and a boy get married and move into a new place of their own.. an entirely New smell is developed! (Does excited little jig) And then that smell is just a unique as the two scents were before they were combined. For that sole reason, I can't wait to get married so that I can earn myself an exciting new scent. -And for Pete Sakes, I know it's near impossible to smell your own smell, but I'm determined about being able to smell my new scent. Determined.

This weekend, I stayed with my sister and her husband up in Ogden. I went there on the Front Runner train. It's a UTA kind of thing. After like 8 minutes of searching for the silly ticket machine around the Stop, I entered the train. The first thing that I noticed was that to the right of the door that I entered, there was a small flight of stairs. You know what, my good friends? Stairs mean one thing. There's something more magical than your current "1st floor" standings... just a few steps away. So of course I traverse up them and what do I find? Another Flight:) By now I was chuckling alone to myself at the unexpected fact that that many stairs all fit into that little train. I felt like a loser, mind you.
-- That Sunday, I went to this guy's Farewell with Tim and Jenelle.
There is a guy in Tim's mom's ward that is blind. But apparently he is a big hoot. They told me about how whenever he's talking to a girl, he has this routine with his friends where one of them will interrupt the blind guy's conversation with a girl. Once he has acknowledged that his friend is there, he asks him, "What time is that thing on Tuesday?" (Just for a cover up.) And according to however cute the girl is, his friend will say a time. For example, if the girl was extremely fair, the friend would say, "Oh.. It's at 11." But if she wasn't as attractive, he'd say, "1 o'clock..." and at that point, the blind guy would either stay hanging around or detach. HAHA. How sad, but Terribly Terribly funny.

Ohh yeaahh.
I can't get enough of Regina Spektor.


  1. That smell thing you said is so true!! Today this girl says i smell good i said to myself okay i just came out of dance and am gross!! but okay whatever!! but i cant wait to get that new smell eather!


  2. Jeremiah, hello! It's an interesting sort of thing, huh? A weird idea, I know, but I've always kind of thought about it. haha. It's funny when people say we smell good after dance, huh?:)