Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dancing Betches, Spinach Teeth, & So Long, Farewell.

"We are the he-man woman haters, we feed girls to alligators!" Little Rascals is probably the cutest movie ever. I watched it not too long ago and it really brought me back to my childhood days. I never really remembered all of the cast members being so tiny.

Lets Catch Up a Little, Shall We?
After drill team practice the other day, I had to wait in a ridiculously long line to put in my school registration receipts. Now picture me this, I had just completed a 4 hour Dancing session, I looked like sod, and morely felt like sod. The idea of standing around in a line for 3 hours was definitely not beating my urge to drive home and snore for a bit.
*hours later* I did it, yaayyyy....

Friday through Saturday, I attended a dance camp near the Gateway. My favorite part of that whole thing was the HipHop teacher. He was slightly feminine.. he had kind of a quick, high pitched voice.. he was.. OK. I'll just say it. He was probably thee Gayest person I've met in the entirety of my life. He had an asymetrical haircut, tight white pants, and consistently referred to us as "Betches." hahah.

Not too long ago, my friend, Richard Yorgason, got into a bit of a car accident. A dog ran in front of a car 2 cars ahead of him and everyone just kinda ran into eachother. (At least that's what I think happened?...)
Almost a year ago, Me and 2 friends were driving on the freeway when the car in front of us stopped suddenly. The driver of the car that I was in wasn't able to stop soon enough. Months later, I am still very paranoid and anxious about following people too closely. I'm terrified of running into someone from behind. My friends probably find it annoying that I'm constantly yelling absurdities when we approach a car at a stoplight at higher speeds than I'd feel comfortable with.
But anyway!
As we (Jon, Me, Richard, Tori, Cody and LJ) drove up to Fountain Green for an all-day-day-date yesterday, Richard randomly pushed hard on his brakes. Everyone in the car was kind of like, "Why The Sod?" But I understood. The car in front of him's brake lights popped on and it made Richard think he was getting dangerously close, so the natural human nature in a situation like this would be to brake your car as well. Ahh, Paranoia. Accidents'll do that to ya!

Why is it that no one ever says anything when there's something stuck between your teeth? Then you get to go home and find out about it yourself in the mirror and immediately wonder, "How long has that been in there? How many people saw?!" I guess that I myself have been the stander-byer in a scenario like that.. I notice it while they are talking, but sometimes it honestly just never occurs to me that I should tell them about the green bit of spinach lodged between their chompers.

Yesterday, on our all-day-day-date that I mentioned earlier in this post, we had some wild adventures. We arrived around 5pm and quickly realized we didn't bring the keys to the shed-house-thing where the horse riding saddles were. BOOO. So we left that at that and took a ride on the 4 wheelers instead. Man, I love the feeling after a good 4wheel ride when you clench your teeth down and can taste dust in your mouth. Not:) Mine, Tori's and LJ's hair was covered with so much dirt that we could hardly run our fingers through it without hitting bad tangles.
Not too long after, We were back at the ranch place and went out to see the horses. (Horses? Horse? Horsies? haha) Well, the saddles weren't available... but that wasn't about to stop the boys from riding, and that. was. that.
Jon: "Jane, it's your turn."
Me: "Bare back? I don't think so."
Jon: "AtLeast come walk around the arena with me and the horse."
(Leads me to a fence with horizontal bars.)
Jon: "Just climb up those and jump on the horse!" (points to bars)
----Now at this point while with Jon, one just knows that they WILL be doing whatever it was that Jon wanted them to do. Once he gets you into a certain place in a situation, it's just impossible to turn him down. The same thing happened while at the lake the other week. I found myself on top of a cliff with him encouraging me to jump. He's got a gift, I'm tellin ya.
So I get on the Big Beast of an animal bare-back and tense up. It was scary, but really fun. I'm glad I had the experience. Thanks Jonny:)
... and after Thaaat, we took the 4 wheelers up this great long canyon. That was a good ride up! We all met at this small pond thing and just hiked the rest of the hill up until we reached the top. We layed on the ground and just... listened. Everything up there was in perfect silence. It was simply Peaceful. Since we were out in the open and away from city lights and all other durn, the stars were shining SO bright. There were so many of them! Back in West Valley, many of them aren't so visible. It was amazing.

...Last night had great significance to me. It was the last night that I'd spend with Jon before he would be off for college. I had a hard time closing my front door on him after saying goodnight. It's gonna be a little different without him around me everyday, but this separation'll be over soon enough. I hope. I'm trying not to get too concerned about it. I miss him already.
Oh, September 11th, I look forward to meeting you.

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  1. you know, you probably blog more than i do. i guess it tires me out to upgrade the blogging system every other day.

    muahahaha. when i went to get my schedule, i got to cut everyone in line because my mom did all my registration the day before then i saw david in the front of the locker line so i cut with him too. i was in and out within 15 minutes!

    i freaking hate driving with idiots, they don't know when to speed up or slow down. i especially hate it when i have to remind them that the red lights lighting up in the back of someone's car means they're slowing down. haha, and that experience you're talking about last year, was that cassie and codi's little accident?

    i went camping this past weekend too! it was kind of lame actually. i'll blog about it later.

    good blogging, yo. keep it up! i'll have to bookmark yours so i can keep up to date with yours.