Monday, July 13, 2009

The Blonde Escapades & Crime Scene Investigations.

(Takes a deep breath.) Ahhh, Monday.
Today I found myself wandering the hair care aisle of the magical Wally*World, where I would proceed to buy some dye. (Deep Mahogany Dark Brown, if you want to get nitty gritty.) Now usually, whenever I'd color my hair, my dear sister, Jenelle, would be there to do all of the dirty work for me. But seeing as she married and upped herself to Texas... She's not quite in Jane Hair dying distance. Looks like I'll be goin this one alone, eh?
So there I was... Standing brave in my cluttered bathroom (that resembles an office cubicle) with some strong smelling chemicals. I was ready for action. As I began reading the instructions, a small section caught my eye. It basically said, "...leave in an extra 15 minutes for intense blonding.." Ohh Man. I just hoped and prayed that that was simply a general direction printed on all of that brands instruction pamphlets. I'd rather not be a blonde Asian! I'm just saying, world, that light of hair with this oddity of a skin color that I possess just... Well I don't know. It just wouldn't work out.

La La La...
35 Minutes later, and I've washed the dye out. America, I, Janessa Dapp, am pleased to say that I am indeed, still, a brunette.

-Later that night, I packed up my little pajamas, toothbrush, and trusty scriptures and went to my dear friend Cassie's home. Can you say SLUMBER PARTY? Let me give you a watered rundown of Cassie. We have been friends since the Dinosaur age, or in other words, since 2nd grade. She's about a month older than me and she enjoys swearing at inanimate objects. She's probably the prettiest girl at our school, no homo.
Tonight we ended up watching a lot of Cold Case and Without a Trace ruruns till about 4am. It's always something new at good ol' Kasey's.

There you have it. A fraction of my day in a nutshell. ...oh. blogshell?

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  1. i feel like a real stalker for commenting two posts in a row. but heh. i would probably die of laughter if you were blonde, that'd be awesome!