Thursday, July 23, 2009

Silky Smooth Asphalt and a Bad Case o Butterflies.

I've done it. I have gone to Girls Camp and came back without a scratch.

Yesterday, myself, my family, and Jon went out to Causey Reservoir. It's this pretty little place just east of Pine View. All I have to say about the drive up was that it was hot, slightly sticky and noisy from the rumbling of the road. During our hour long drive, we went on Legacy Parkway. (squeals in excitement) I couldn't tell you why, but that thing is my favorite road in the whole world. Maybe it's because the asphalt stuff is so smooth and it sounds like you're driving on sweet nothingness.. I do love me a quiet road..

But I Digress!

Once we had reached our destination, I pulled out my trusty spf 50+ and poured a grip of it into my palm. I turned to Jon and held out the blob of white as an offering to him.. He dipped his fingertip in and said, "That's all I'll be needing." Sometimes I wish I could live on the edge like him. eh-haha.
Then my dad passed out the tubes (Originally we had planned to tube down this river.. but it turned out to be too shallow.) and of course I got the goofy small one that had a promising tiny hole in it. Not too far into our tube-age, we spotted a good bit of cliffs. My dear friend Jon began paddling his tube toward them. "Here we go...time to pick up your courage, Jane," I thought.

10 Minutes later, I found myself about 35 feet up looking down into dark ominous green water. That's when the butterflies hit.. but I wasn't about to admit that. Jon steps onto the furthest out part of the rock.. turns to me.. "Well? I guess I'll go first." I watched in horror as he threw himself out into the air. Just Kidding. I was just happy it wasn't me:)
Moments later, he's back up the cliff, standing next to me with a bloody nose and pressuring me to get on out there. I stepped out onto the edge and looked down. (which was kind of a mistake, because I ended up standing there for like 5 more minutes.. ridiculous!)
After a bit of encouragement from my sweet friend and some jeering from my father, who, by the way, is a COWARD and only went of the 12 footer, I said a quick prayer, and prepared myself for the jump. (And when I say that I said a Quick prayer, I mean QUICK.)
I let go of the rock I was cleaving to and let out a small yelp as I jumped. My arms began doing that whole flailing around thing and I soon hit the water with a hard smack on my bum. I don't think I've ever been spanked that hard, even in my childhood of spankings! I suppose it was something of a butt-flop.

There you have it, reader. My first cliff jump. Compliments to JonBon.

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