Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Highlights and a Busted Feline.

I walked into my sacrament meeting this morning, scriptures in hand. It seems to me that after sitting on my usual back row bench for about 15 minutes, my mind starts to wander around, often resulting in me staring at people. It's probably a problem. It's especially fun to observe the backishy middle row. Ohh yeahh. Here sits the ward's elderly single women. Have you ever just sat and watched someone? It can get pretty fascinating. I can think of multiple times when I've seen this one woman in specific pull a mini hymnbook out of her bag and start marking away with various colored pencils. I'm pretty curious about what sorts of things she's highlighting, or if she has a fancy color-code sort of thing going on... After that meeting, I was in my YW class, where something possessed me and I finalized my decision about going to Girls Camp. It's definitely not typical Jane to go camp out with 5 random girls from church! I wouldn't say I'm close with any of them really, so this should be a pretty interesting and enlightening experience.
In other news, I had a good interview with the Bishop today. Oh. And the outdoor cat (He is technically my cat but I disowned him, yet he still hangs around after 5 years.) got the sod beat out of him by another neighborhood cat. A tragedy.


  1. i don't think i could handle going to camp with 5 people i'm not so close with. good luck on that one. the last part about your disowned cat made me lol (yes, lol).

  2. i was pretty pleased to see that someone had given the time to leave me a comment! so thank you! haha. ahh.. it should be pretty interesting. i'll let you know how it goes.