Thursday, July 30, 2009

Black Hot Dogs / Special People. and or Cats.

Hello, world. I just got back from camping at Rockport! We swam in the lake, roasted hot dogs (Jon likes them totally black and burnt to a crisp?!), wore mismatching yet warm clothes.. The whole Shabang! And of course, I did well not to get a sunburn...:)
The rest of today, I've just felt real dead. I think it's one of those days where I just feel like moping around and don't really want to make an effort to accomplish anything. In other words.. Just a bad lazy day. I missed a free concert with Jason too. I Fail.

I want to talk about a few people

"Her name is Jonas..." She's SO goofy. She's my mom. Sometimes I feel like she acts more like a friend or sister though. She hangs out with me and The Boy a lot. Sometimes I feel like she steals the attention and kills it for me. haha She can have a serious side too.. It just rarely comes out. She grew up living on literal dirt, her her sister, mother, father, and son have passed, she has Lupus, she's been through Chemotherapy, she had a kidney transplant.. She's just had a lot on her plate. But what I love about her is that she is so happy and full of life everyday that you'd probably never even guess.

Rachel is one of my Drill Team coaches. This is just an odd memory sort of thing.. We were all up in Park City for our drill retreat, and I was just happy that she came because I knew she was busy with all of her wedding plans and yadda yadda. She's great.

I am more than sure that he'll end up somewhere BIG and BRILLIANT in the future. Jason is probably one of the coolest people that I know. Enough Said.

Mrs. Bettinson.
She was actually my kindergarten teacher. I loved that lady.

He's still nice to me.

Gwennie Yorgason.
She is my significant other's best friend's older sister. She is really really ridiculously pretty. I hope she doesn't read this, because.. that could be.. awkward.. haha, but the last time that I saw her, I just found myself fixated on her face and her features. I couldn't find any flaws.

Ruth Jacobson.
She's my next door neighbor. She has been one door down basically all my life. I drove her to work the other night and we had a nice chat about her nonexistent basement. We have the same birthday. Well, not the Same Exact birthday like with the same year and whatnot, but the same day. Are we on the same page now?

Princess was my cat in 2nd grade. I've never loved an animal as much as her. She was this pretty skinny little brown tabby cat. Not long before she was born, her momcat came to us during a family barbecue. (Barbecue was really hard to spell tonight!) She was really friendly and hungry so we fed her. She never left us. Then she had a few kittens. And I named one of them Princess. The End.

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