Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brown paper packages tied up with strings, These are a few of my favorite things.

Sundays make me happy. Allow me to fill you in on a few other things that make me happy.

- Eating cherries straight from the bag without washing them. I get an extra little kick of amusement in when my mom nags about catching a disease or cancer from the "cleaning chemicals and bird germs."

- Falling asleep unexpectedly on the couch and waking up with my chewing gum still in my mouth.

- The tv show, Wipe Out. Something about watching other people biff it is so hilarious. Unless it's happening to me, I'm fine with watching people falling on their bums.

- Stumbling across my favorite old Disney VHSs from like 1997. Well, the ones that still have the tape wound up tight and are in good condition. Otherwise, it's just kind of a bummer to find them only to soon realize that they won't play anymore.

- Folding towels. But only if they are toasty warm and fresh from the drier!

- Having my own vehicle for transportation. She's pretty much a big white bus that I named Grace. I like driving her.. Until my body starts to perspire from the lack of A/C, that is. Oh well. I'm sure I'll just love the thing in the winter.

- Arguing:)

- The way Jon's mom is generally always happy to see me.

- How my mom consistently restates everything someone had just said, or she pointlessly repeats everything she just saw happen. For example, once we were watching Wipe Out, and we were both laughing and she innocently said, "that was funny because he wasn't expecting to do the splits while jumping from that ball."

- Staying in my church clothes all day.

- Surprising people with hugs. For instance, Jon's brother Will the other night, after fireworks. I could tell he wasn't expecting it and it made me chuckle afterward.

- Giving things to other people.

- That crazy WOAH! feeling that washes down your entire body when you see something or someone you didn't plan to see. Like, the other day.. I walked into my room and found Derek asleep on my bed. It really freaked me out to see someone's body atop my sheets.
Note from Derek: that didn't happen :)

- AWKWARD MOMENTS. Oh, there is NOTHING more enjoyable for me than a good, solid awkward situation. I could sit next to a drunk man with turrets and an elderly frail Christian woman for hours without saying anything and love every second of it. (Uh....Did that make any sense?.. In my defense, it did in my head.) ...mumbles.. kicks at a rock.. slinks away..

- Eating a few sticks of uncooked spaghetti.

- The annual Glazed Donut with a candle or two sticking out of it instead of a getting a birthday cake each year.

- Being allergic to life! It actually has a few upsides to it.

- This one may sound weird... But there is a woman in my church named Heidi. She's one of my YW leaders and she played softball in high school and still plays today. There was a point for me telling you that, I promise. (haha) Well. She has these big. buff. arms. When she stands at the front of the room, she puts her hand on her hip sometimes and it really makes her bic/tricep pop and she looks ridiculously muscly. I'd probably die if she knew I blogged about her arms.

- Finding out people are actually reading this!:)

- Seeing a movie, loving it, then seeing it again 2 more times in the dollar theaters.

- Observing Cassie rebel against her mother's wishes. It can get pretty intense. That's all I have to say.

- Listening to Jon play his guitar, Phoenix. (Take that, girls of Utah! muahah.) I especially enjoy it when he starts to sing a little bit, then quickly stops. Probably in fear that he would do something embarrassing.

- Little kids. They have no concerns.

- Waking up sore!!

- The movie preview for (500) Days of Summer. watch it here:) ( Just watching it makes me feel bubbly, so I'm excited to see how the actual movie will go. It looks good. I'm going to pack up my fellow Asian comrade and see it ASAP.

- The thought of my sister coming home. I Miss Her.


  1. "Falling asleep unexpectedly on the couch and waking up with my chewing gum still in my mouth."

    you know it's all fun and games until that's all in your hair!

  2. i love awkward silences they are so funny!!
    they make me laugh for no reason at all!!