Monday, September 7, 2009

Plumbing Capers. Unsettling Humor. Long Lines of Life.

(Diiing Dooong) "Hi, my name is Jane, you wouldn't mind if I stepped inside and borrowed your shower, would you?"
Haha. I may have to do this sometime this week. But with a friend's house or something. (There's no telling what situations I could set myself up for by asking this favor of a stranger!)
Well, Here's the story. Last night as I came home and walked into the kitchen, I was greeted by tons of wet clothes laid out on my kitchen table/counters. Of course my first thoughts were, "Why the sod??" This morning, ok.. ok. This Afternoon, my mom came and woke me up and while she was there I asked her what the deal with all the wet clothing items was. Apparently our entire water system/drainage went stupid last night and when my brother was draining his bathtub water, the drain backed up and flooded our basement/washer room, and we had a couple baskets of newly washed clothes sitting on the floor that got decently soaked. BUUUUHHH!!!

Saturday night, Jon was back in West Valley for the weekend. I was Very happy to see him. Me, him and my mom were eating Filipino foods called Pansit and Lumpia (basically Flip noodles with chicken and egg rolls with beef), and I look over at my mom's expression. Whenever Jon is over, my mom is extra lively and happy it seems. haha.
- A quick story. My mom is a funny lady. In America, when something out of the ordinary happens or we see something that takes us by surprise, the general thing to do would be to exclaim, "Oh, ship!" or "Holy cow." ... ya know? Well my mom always says a short phrase in Tagalog, a Filipino language. (I won't be telling you the phrase because you would probably go and translate it through Google Language and we'd all be in a tizzy.)
Anyway... her little phrase, when translated, means something pretty nasty. She never uses it in situations where it would actually correctly apply, she just uses it for an exclamatory remark. Jon has heard her say this phrase many many times, but we didn't want him to find out what it meant. But he got sneaky and remembered the phrase, probably guessed on each words spelling, and got it translated by Google. I was so mad. haha. Then my mom found out that Jon learned the meaning and she was extremely embarrassed.
--But Back To My Story About Having Jon Over For Flip Food.
We were sitting there eating and Ma says, "Jon, now that you know that meaning, we have to adopt you into the family!"
I took the reins (to try to save myself from a little embarrassment because I knew where she was going with it) and turned to him and said, "I guess we're brother and sister now! heh heh."
Then he gave a little chuckle and then Ma continues to say, "Or we could adopt you into the family another way." Then she turns and winks to me. Golly Grief, she sure knows how to make a girl feel dorky. Good thing Jon is already relatively used to her goofiness.

Tonight, me and Jason are going to see Matt & Kim in concert. If you've never heard of them, I Recommend you look them up. Look up the song Daylight or the song Lessons Learned. They're really fun and their poppy dotty sound will make you want to shake your head.

Off the top of my head, I can think of two small things that make me giddy.
1.) When you say something that you've put a lot of thought into, and someone says, "Hey, that was great, where did you get that?" and you get to feel all accomplished as you reply, "It's just something that popped into my head."
2.) Gosh, I love finding out when people know my name. I know a lot of people's names without knowing them personally at all, and I always just kind of assume that they don't know mine. But when I find out that they know who I am as well... Well gee. It's oddly flattering. hahha.

Life Is Just a Matter of Waiting.
I'm constantly feeling like I'm waiting for something, but I don't know what it could be.
I'd like to find out soon though.

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