Saturday, September 12, 2009

Clifford, The Massive, Red Monster... and Pilfering Artificial Clouds.

I'm not going to lie.. If a shiny suited man and his skimpy skinny little assistant showed up at my door with a 2x5 sized check with 1 mill dollars written on it... All my problems would be solved.

In my Psychology class, Mrs. Gaskins occasionally plays music for us while we work. During our last class, as I was coloring my freshly drawn Neuron diagram, I watched her put a CD into the Stereo.
Good Grief.. It was the Original Mamma Mia! Soundtrack. Without much thought, I began tapping my foot. I surprised myself when I realized I knew every word to the majority of the songs. Bahah. Am I a nerd or what?

Sometimes when I finish work in class early, and I'm Extremely bored, I turn the Bluetooth in my phone on. Once it's on, I press 'Search' and my phone finds all the other Bluetooth Enabled phones in the room. Then they all show up in a list on my phone. My phone's Bluetooth's search name is just Jane. But some people have WAY goofy ones. Then the entertainment comes about and I look around the room trying to figure out and match which of these girl's has the phone name of "~*GiGgLezZ:]*~".

I'd like to take a short moment to discuss Clifford, The Big, Red Dog.
- First of all, what was it that made him so red and so massive? Corrupted genetics and cells? Abnormal mammal breeding? Who knows.
- Emily Elizabeth and her family must be freaking loaded. It has got to be costly having him as a pet. Clifford's dog house is Much larger than their own. And how do they feed that animal? What does he like to eat? Maybe I'm being judgmental, or maybe the books/cartoon just didn't want him to seem frightening... But if i owned a HUGE creature like Emily Elizabeth does, I'd assume he'd enjoy a nice big bowl of large wildlife animals.
- On the bright side, he'd never get lost.
- A quick funny story... Me and Derek were watching Clifford on PBS. I hadn't seen it in Quite some time so I asked, "Does Clifford speak in this show at all?" And Derek replies, "Yeah! and Did you know that he originally spoke German?" Now you need to understand that Derek is a very serious kid whom I'd never doubt.. So I was suddenly awestruck and questioned him more on the matter. He proceeded to tell me that Clifford was originated in Germany and that Marvel Comics bought him from the original illustrator. Then after being owned my MC for a short amount of time, Norman Bridwell adopted the character and began a series of children's books based on the Big Red Dog. Yeah... I Totally believed him.
- Before John Ritter passed away, He voiced in for Clifford in the tv show. Cool, huh?

The other week, my main sister Cassie had a health scare. As we were running our usual 2 miles, she was complaining about a pain in her side. We figured it was just a side ache... but Nooo. Two nights later, She was being kept in Pioneer's ER getting her blood drawn and tested for something with her Appendix.. (I never found out the true cause, actually. I'm a terrible friend.) But she's fine now:) Anyway!
While she was at Pioneer at 1AM, they gave her the option of staying the night or coming back in about 6 hours for results. (She chose coming back later.)
So Cassie Bowles, being the trouper that she is, came to Drill the next morning. Of course she didn't dance, but it just meant a lot that she came at all. The first thing I noticed when I saw her was that she had a Fat Wrap around the middle of her arm.
-"Cass. What is that?"
-"Oh, I still have the IV needle in my arm underneath this."
Haha... What The Heck, right? I guess she had to keep it in until she would return to the clinic. Who knows why.
The needle was in her right arm. (The top-side of her elbow.) The nurse told her that she could still bend her arm a little and whatnot, but Cassie was too scared to.
--This next part's kinda silly.
In the locker room that day, I was curious about how Cassie would have to go about things with just one arm, so I tried getting ready without bending my right arm at all. Brushing my teeth left handed wasn't so hard, but there was no way I'd be able to do my hair. So...I gave up:)
Cough... I give Mad Props to all the One-Armed people of this world.

I've got a big problem.. with stealing.
Stealing.. Hotel PILLOWS. It's not very nice, I know. But man, after spending a night on those Crystal Inn "fluffy clouds".. It's impossible not to be tempted to take one.. or two.. home with you. I now have 5 swindled pillows in my home.

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