Sunday, September 27, 2009

One, Two, Three, Four, I declare an... Arm Wrestle?

I had an incredible urge. An urge to buy reading glasses. Did I have a perscription? No. Did I even need glasses to start with? No. Did that matter to me? Oh, Of Course Noooot:)
So I hopped into Grace (who was fixed the other week, by the way), and drove myself to the nearby store. I walked over to where the glasses were, spun the little display shelf around and picked out a few pairs. After trying on the 2nd pair, I suddenly felt embarrassed. Planning to buy unnecessary glasses suddenly made me feel really childish. So I put the 4 pairs back and left the store, thinking to myself, "Good Job, Jane. You overcame the temptations of fancy glasses once again."
Ohh Yeahh. This was not the first time.

My Mom's Job Is Baaad.
She works from home and she's the lady that picks up the phone when you call the 1-800 numbers to buy things from infomercials. In the Summer, I used to come home from drill around 10am, Exhausted, mind you, and lay on her bed and listen to answer calls. "Thank you for calling 'Your Baby Can Read,' my name is Jona and this call will be recorded for accuracy, May I continue?" Haha.
I never really noticed my Mom's slight accent until I listened to her talk on the phone.

Homecoming was this week and I was deathly ill.. That's right. On ma death bed.
Ooook not reeeeally, just feeling a bit under-the-weather.

Friday night was the Football game against Hunter.
When 2nd quarter starts, All of the Excaliburs have to leave the stands and go to the dance room to get ready for the half-time performance. (We change into costumes, stretch, and go over the routine a few times.) Being RUSHED is just something that comes with being on a drill team. And while under rushed circumstances, No one has time to cover up while changing or to Run to the bathroom to take off their bras/undies... I'm just saying. When you need to hurry, and you are all straight females, no one really cares about who sees what.
I've been on drill 3 years. With give or take a few.. about 20 members each year.
All in all, I've seen about 50 Butts. 50... of that Other body part... and 100 chests.
hahaha. Oh it's just too funny.
It's not that I look intentionally, No, That's definately not the case, But sometimes you turn around while taking a shoe off or something and KaBam!

Every time I go to Michaels, the craft store, I go to one specific spot.
The Fake Flower Aisle. (Cue confettie and marching band)
And everytime I walk through that aisle, I take a few flowers and leave with them right in my hand. I know the Gay Cashier man sees me... but he never says anything. No one else seems to notice. or care.

OK, I've just got oooone question.
When you leave a tip on the table, who picks it up? The waitress or the busboy?

I've noticed, and am sorry to admit, that I tend to eat more politely at home than in restaurants. Alright, maybe it's not the eating that's the sloppy part, just what I leave behind. I always leave messy little remnants of my dinner around the plate. Nothing huge like a dollop of barbeque sauce or a smear of mashed potatoes, just like... little slices of onions, or chicken finger crumbs. Does anyone else have this same habit? I probably wouldn't make such messes at home.

Speaking of habits, Me and my Jon are breaking bad habits together:)
But I won't be telling you what they are.
.... ok Fineee. I have vowed to not bite my nails. It's a filthy habit that I've had since I can remember, but it's time for it to go.

This last Sunday, I was up in Ogden for a friend's Farewell talk. It went really well.
Afterwards, there was a little lunch prepared back at my friend's house. I've never really had potato salad before... but I had it there. Let me tell ya, it's the weirdest thing I've ever tasted.
It didn't take too long before Jenelle ditched me and I decided I was bored with Derek. I looked around the backyard where everyone was. I was literally Scanning the place, area by area, looking for a little entertainment. NONE. So then I did something that I do in many boring situations. It's weird. I know. Oh well.. I go into the bathroom and sit on the counter or the edge of the tub for a few minutes. and Wait. That's it. I just wait around. For some reason, doing that seems to pass time faster than making small talk with people.
Moments later, I walk out of the bathroom to find 3 people waiting in line. The 2nd girl looked pretty anxious. Hahaha.
Once I had returned to the backyard, I found Derek and we went to sit under an umbrella-covered table. (hmmm. I think I made that sound like we were sitting under a table. But you get the point. The table we were sitting AT, not UNDER, had an umbrella above it.) Good greif, I should've just erased that first sentence and told you correct facts about the table instead of going and writing all of that durn in the parenthesis above. Now I've just wasted even more time! ANYWAY! When me and Derek sat down at the table, I was like. "Arm wrestle, you game?" He agreed. We began. He failed, I won. "Rematch!" Again, He failed, I won. "One More! and this time I get to use both hands!" Surprise... He failed:) He then leaned back in his seat and said slowly and quietly..."You're so muscley, Janessa......" It made my day complete.

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