Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stalker Files. Slow little girls. Brand New.

The Best = Your phone rings.. Who Could It Be? Eek! Your personal stalker. Now, in a situation like this, you have the beautiful option of setting your phone down on the table and watching it vibrate in circles while your Creeper Caller gets your voicemail.
The Worst = Stalker calls from an unknown number. Girl gets excited to see a curious new number and answers call. Well......
Girl is now basically screwed.

--Have you ever gone to great lengths to ignore someone? I sure have. I've gone to incredible lengths! Ok, maybe not incredible lengths, but I think it'd be safe to say that I'm a pretty good Avoider.

I heard the funniest little thing come out of Kenadee's mouth the other day. Here's how it went.
"-I'm thirsty! -And I'm Friday. Let's get together Saturday and have us a Sunday."
Haahah. Has everyone on this planet already heard that one except for me??

Although I fear I won't be able to explain it very well and will just end up leaving the impression on you that I'm plain stupid, I now have something ridiculous to shove into your pretty little mind.
-- Take your hands, and put them together by interlocking your fingers. It feels normal, right? Because your hands are both the same size and they already fit, riiight?? But when you hold hands with other people.. Have you ever wondered what it feels like for the other person's fingers to be intertwined with yours?? What does your hand feel like to someone else?

There are 2 things that I cannot tolerate.
1. Rude behavior in a man. (haha)
2. Driving behind an Asian.
I'm an Asian myself, but DANG. The true oriental oldies are terrible drivers! They signal left and go right, drive ATLEAST 10 under the speed limit, and brake at unnecessary random times.
My dear AJ friends, if this applies to you, Please just stay home on your pretty Asian-smelling couches and drink your delightful Asian tea:) (Jason, you're an exception.)

The other week, I went to my little brother's Cross Country meet at Jefferson Jr. High. The sky was ever so slowly growing grayer and grayer... An obvious warning for rain. Me, Ma and Howard grabbed a few umbrellas and headed out to where West Lake's runners were. Then we found some little area on the grass that wasn't already occupied by obnoxious little junior highers.
A clap of thunder boomed followed shortly by a downpour of rain.
Since Ma's health must come before my own, she got to wear my warm little jacket. (Pulls a gritted smile.) It. Was. Freeezing.
So there the three of us were.. Sitting out in the middle of a field of grass in the middle of a rain party. About.. ehh.. 3 or 4 minutes later, Ma and Howard ditched the open wetness to go stand under some roof thing. But I didn't get up to follow them. I stayed sitting on the grass, about 4 inches off the ground in my little beach chair with a crappy umbrella over my head. All was well, despite the freezing coldy cold wind.
I was about to get up and leave too, when all of the sudden... Some little girl that was about to start her race runs up to me, throws an armful of clothes at me, and as she's running away yells at an alarming speed, "Willyouholdtheseformeuntili'mdone? Kthankyou!!" I was stunned. Frightened almost.
After like 20 minutes, that darn little child finished her race and came to get her things. FINALLY!! And let me tell you this, she was Not a fast runner.
After that, I was shaking so I decided it was time for me to Cowardize to some shelter. I stood up, grabbed the silly chair I was on, and found my Mommy. She then pushed on my right shoulder to turn me back around so she could see my back. She laughed and said, "You're soaked." Poor little Jane. It was so cold out there that I seriously had no idea the entire back of my thin light blue shirt was soaked through. Oops.

Hahaah. I just need to say this. My parents are married. They are together. I usually refer to them as "Ma and Howard," I know, But Howard is indeed my Dad. I guess that by consistently calling him by his first name may make it sound like he's my Step-dad or something.. But that's not the case. Howard Dapp is my true Father.

Do you think there's such a thing as a Bad Person?
I've asked myself this before, but I've just gotten real deep into thought about it today. What's my answer? It can't be true. At All. I believe that every person out there has Something in them, in some it may be deeper than others, but each person has at least a pinch in them that means well. "I am made up of hundreds of thousands of flaws, all sewn together by honest, good intentions." Doesn't everyone else see themselves this same way, despite what other opinions people may have?

Sometime in your life, you've dropped/lost a possession of yours that you truly loved.
But what if someone else picked it up/found it, and felt incredibly lucky about it? What if it made their day? ...Or what if it was just something that they Really needed to come across at the time and your lost object helped them out? - Thoughts like those make me not mind as much when I lose things in public.

Brand New's new songs from their album Daisy are AMAZING. I love it. I recommend you check em out.

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