Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Square Minded Mothers and Reading Barbies.

I enter the kitchen around 9 and it's almost a guarantee that I'll find my Mom eating a big plate of something. Not a plate of SOMETHINGS, just a plate of one thing. She's Funny That Way. A Big majority of the time, it's watermelon that's been cut into square chunks. Oh, by the way, She talks on the phone with my sister Constantly. Whenever she is on the phone and eating her watermelon, I always steal her fork when she sets it down to chew/talk. The funny part of it all is that it's like her mind doesn't register that I've swiddled her fork. She just continues to eat her watery fruit with her fingers like nothing ever happened to her choice utensil.
Silly Unaware Mommy Dearest.

Daaang. After school I'm usually Way tired and all I want to do is take a blissful little nap. But around 3 or 4, the sun is just Blaring Heat through my window (my windows face West). It heats up my bed covers/blankets/pillows, putting my room under impossible happy nappy napping conditions. Frick. I guess I could just plop myself down on the couch... But that's nothing compared to the comfort of one's own bed.

HAHA. I have Got to tell you a story that happened to me at the beginning of Junior year. (Which was last year.) I was sitting in Mrs. Fockel's class with a red sweater, it was the last period of the day, and the End-Day Announcements were coming on. Ok, now that class is usually really quiet, since Fockel was insane, but we had a sub that day. And everyone was unnaturally rowdy. I don't remember what it was, but there was something in the announcements that day that I knew I needed to hear. So, being my timid little self, I tilt my head and let out a loud, "SHH!"
Here's comes the part that still makes me chuckle to myself.
A fairly large black girl was sitting behind me and I hear her say, "Did that bit** in the red right here just Shush me?" I knew she was talking about me, But she obviously wasn't aware that my 'Shh' was directed to the general class as a whole. She continued, "Oh I Know that girl did not just shush me. Oh heellll no. I will bust some if I ever here shi* like that." If you know me personally, you would've figured by now that instead of being frightened, I was trying my hardest not to laugh. Was this girl being serious? I Hope I Won't Offend Anyone Who Is Reading This, but she was talking like a true sista straight outta the hood.
--And no, I didn't "meet her at the flagpole at 4", no punches were thrown, I even left without getting a wedgie! Life is Gooood.

Holly Molly, I have the most wrinkly hands in the world.
Ask to see them sometime. I'll show ya.

My Aunt Barbara is the best aunt in the world. She's actually the only aunt that I have on my dad's side. She's like a 2nd mother. I love her very much and I'm afraid that she doesn't know it. Me and Barb have a lot in common, but you wouldn't be able to tell that if we were standing side by side. It's just that we think a lot a like, which I think is realllly special. Do you know anyone who has a thought process that's very similar to your own? If you do, you should know what I mean. It's just kind of cool.
Aunt Barbie loves to read. Even more than I do. And I am BIG on reading. This last weekend, she brought me a plastic bag filled with books. (7 or 8, maybe?) "I thought you might like these, I'm done with them all." That woman is a Saint.

Along with this site, I have a Facebook, a MySpace, and Hotmail.
...and I just recently realized that I have a different Password to log in for each of them.

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